Training Advise

I understand that you need a rest day once a week.

For the rest of the week, would it be better to train till my muscles are used up then wait until fully recovered and repeat, or keep doing workouts as soon as have the strength, to keep my muscles exhausted till the rest day?

I don’t fully understand the question.

But what most people do is have 3 hard weeks then a rest week or Easy week.

For three weeks you will ramp up your TSS by about 5TSS per week then on week 4 you will drop your TSS

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Was unaware of TSS to plan training. Will look into it - thanks.

It will look something like this:

There a few good books out there. Like
The Cyclist’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide by Joe Friel

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I’m seconding Gerrie’s recommendation of Joe Friel’s writing. He also authored a book on training past age 50, which is worth a read as a complement to the main tome.
Training and rest are deep subjects and a good plan for one individual might not work at all for another. Judging fatigue by how we feel isn’t always reliable, and it’s often hard not to gung-ho it, slipping into overtraining and holding up (or reversing) progress.
Fortunately, we are living at a great time for being able to apply the science in this area through the use of power meters, heart rate meters, sleep quality tracking, and platforms like Zwift.


Bought it :wink:

The training past 50 book will have to take a look at.

On a side note, Zwift is great for people like myself who have returned to cycling after many years,
I see riders on zwift with 3 times my power to weight ratio, gonna take some work to get up to their level.