How do you know when someone is in your draft

Just a suggestion…when riders are behind you, it shows a label at the bottom of the screen with their name and distance back. However I don’t know how many meters back they have to be in order to be in my draft. Would be pretty cool if their label name simply turned from white to green (pick any color) when they are in the draft just so you know. Keep us the great work! Thanks for reading.

I’d guess it’s when they are within the same distance you are able to draft others - which is 6 meters. After 6 meters, they fall off the draft zone. Obviously, most benefit is from 0-1 meters.


Ok - I hear you. But still, if the white label turned color when someone is within 6 meters, it would just be easier and quicker to distinguish that they are within drafting range instead of having to keep reading the distance. Just my 2 cents.