How do I increase my W (watts)

So I am riding fairly steadily at 29 kms per hour with a RPM of 77 but my W is only 77, how do I increase my watts…Tire size??

IMG_5295 (002)

What trainer do you use.

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Pedal harder.



To answer your next question, Google. Simple training techniques will give you huge gains initially.

After that, tailored training programs (TrainingPeaks, Zwift, etc) or hire a coach.

You can go 30km/h on 80W? Is that at a slight downhill?

Do you know from outdoor cycling that the W is too low for the perceived effort?

Nicklas…what is your trainer setup?

I have a Tacx Flux S (power source Stages L) and have no problems, just wondering about that power/speed combination

I think the watts look low for the indicated speed.
I assume you’re not going downhill in the example.
I note the cadence and watts are the same.
I’d say something is funky but you would have to post a description of your complete system and describe the behavior and how it worked previously.

I think the watt/cadence is just a coincidence since they come from different ANT+ profiles/sources. If the watts are way of based on perceived effort it probably is a setup problem with an on-wheel trainer