How do I find my zwift username

Hi, Trying to find my username to sign up for a race, how and where do I find it? Thanks for any help.

If you open the Companion app, it is written directly above your Zwift Level in the top left corner.

I would also hazard a guess it’s probably the same as your forum name (Nathan Mullan) :man_shrugging:

Edit addition:
In the event you want your User ID:

Note that due to a recent update, the is a bit different and will require a few more clicks to get to the “Download FIT File” link for a ride.

  1. Pick an activity/ride
  2. Click on the gear icon
  3. Mouse over the “Download FIT File” button and look at the link at the bottom of the browser
  4. That part after …/prod/XXXXX/… is your UserID

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