How can I get put in the correct category?

For some reason Zwift power list me as a Cat C rider. I asked them to look into this and the basically said I was in the correct category. How often do they evaluate riders to make sure we are in the correct category?

Every race I ride in Cat C I finish dead last and when I compare my results with Cat D I would be at the bottom of Cat D too. Why am I left in Cat C when it’s obvious that I don’t belong there? I’m not super competitive but it’s very discouraging to finish so poorly knowing that one category down I would be finishing just as poorly but might be able to at least gain some ground and not finish dead last every single time. Very frustrating.

You are in the correct category, you have higher power than the limit for D. There’s no way you should have been coming last in any reasonably-well attended D race, and you should be fine in C although you probably won’t be winning any races.

You do belong in C, and I don’t understand why you think you don’t.