Home-trainer or spinningbike?

(David) #1

Hi there,
Can anyone explain me how it’s like to use a spinning bike on Zwift?
I’m interested in the bodybike smart+ but the fact there are no gears on a spinning bike, confuses me. Would I be able to use Zwift completely? Can I do races with a bike like this?
Other bikes like the neo bike smart from tacx, or the wattbike atom, are either not available or out of stock here in France…
Many thanks, for any help,

(Paul) #2

Is it the Body Bike Connect, that one is supported by Zwift: https://zwift.com/hardware

It would just broadcast watts and those would be used for your in-game speed (along with other data).

(David) #3

It’s this bike I mean.
I never used Zwift so I have no idea how a spinning bike would perform, compared to a more like bike simulator.
Its an expensive bike and of course I don’t want to regret buying it…

(Paul) #4

I am going to say it should since it says “- Connection: External via ANT + and Bluetooth.” I would like to have a confirmation from Zwift before I say it definitely will.

It will not change resistance based on virtual elevation changes within Zwift, but your speed will slow going up virtual inclines and increase when going down virtual decent.

Sped within Zwift is determined by your watts, weight entered, in-game bike used, in-game drafting and virtual elevation changes.

(David) #5

Thank you for your awnsers!
So a bike like this from tacx will be much more fun using on Zwift am I right?

(Paul) #6

Here is a write-up from DCRainmaker on the Neo Bike SMart: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2018/07/tacx-neo-bike-smart-first-ride-and-final-specs.html