High Watts on Computrainer since update

Riding on Computrainer and, since most recent update, watts on Zwift seem 2x my normal output. I calibrated unit first and double checked to make sure it was operating properly. Any ideas?

What is an average reading now compared to what it was before the update Todd?

Is it possible your average watts were only half of what they should have been?

Well, I like that idea. My average watts, when riding at relaxed pace are usually around 120-150. After update they were reading between 220 and 300.

Your first impression seems correct Todd - looks like the latest update is doubling up somehow.

I don’t have any experience with the CompuTrainer, is there any way to roll back the update?

I connect through a USB connection on Mac computer, is there a way to install older version on a Mac?

CT on PC, and have not noticed any difference. If anything, I’d like to think today’s ride was somehow too low - but truth is I was just tired : )

This issue appears to have resolved itself, as today’s ride I was back to my normal, non-superhuman watt output. Maybe it was a loose connection or other gremlin, but pleased to be able to ride again!