High or low candence which is better

Just joined Zwift and have embarked upon the “6wk Beginner FTP Builder”. My problem is that after 2 days I’m finding myself confused. If I keep to the prescribed watts it’s not very challenging unless I drop to a low gear and crank up the cadence to 100. (It appears my FTP is 76) So I’m being set targets of 55w for 10 mins. Is it better to try to achieve the targets in a low gear with higher cadence or a high gear with lower cadence? Or, as I suspect my FTP is too low.

New at this and only ride to try and increase my likelihood of seeing my pension. I’m in my mid 50’s 13 stone and 5 foot 8!

Hi I am 55 and 52kg with a FTP of 240, I suspect your FTP is bit low. I use bigger gears on the flat and spin on the mountain routes it is a personal preference. I would suggest calibrating the trainer than carry out a new FTP test or ramp test which is shorter

I think the problem may be due to doing the FTP test as my first ever “thing” on Zwift. I guess I should have had a few rides and got my equipment warmed up before I started the test and then got a more challenging rating. For me to get my weight to 52kg would require a great amount of me being surgically removed!

I shall start over now I’m a bit more aware (and 4 1/2lbs lighter)

Hi No problem I found with my Tacx trainer it needs calibrating weekly

I did a ramp test and my FTP has increased significantly. As a result I struggled for the last 3 minutes of my workout which is exactly how I’d expect a workout to be. I think the lesson here is that if you’re a beginner and not used to pacing yourself, a ramp test is the absolute best way to get an accurate FTP

Ah good result then i prefer ramp tesr to ftp test quicker and more accurate i have found