Hide heart rate display on activities


How do I hide my heart rate data on my past activities so only I can see this data?


You can take your HRM off and not use one.

You should be aware that this request is generally made by individuals who are trying to figure out a way to cheat at racing.

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I’m not sure why I should be aware of that statement about cheating - it’s about privacy for valuable but sensitive and personal health data.

You can make your activities visible to only yourself.

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Well, it’s all about context.
In Zwift, you can’t see other rider’s heart rate.
That info only shows up if your registered with Zwift power and participating in a race or ride.
If it’s showing up on Strava, you can make your account private.
If you want to monitor your HR, you can pair to a 3rd party app such as map my run/ride.

But again, in Zwift, your HR is private unless you chose it not to be.
I did not say you were cheating.

Thanks - explains it nicely so pleased that it can be sorted.

Strava also allows you on per activity basis to hide your HR data. Edit the activity and you will see a checkbox to hide the HR data so that only you can see it.

I noticed that today when I manually loaded pictures from my ride.