Help with setup

Hi all, just starting out on my Zwift journey. I am having trouble pairing my Garmin 910xt with cadence and speed sensors on bike to zwift app on pc. I have plugged in the ant+ dongle into pc. Am I missing anything?

You cannot connect a 910xt to Zwift, it does not broadcasts that data in real-time.

Do you have separate speed and cadence sensors mounted on your bike?


I have the Garmin speed and cadence sensors on the bike. That talk to the 910xt.

What’s the best (cost conscious) way to get started with this gear?

If you have an ANT+ dongle and Garmin Speed and cadence sensors that is all you need to get started.

Does your PC meet the minimum specs:

On the paring screen have you searched for the sensors under Cadence and Speed sensor?

What is the distance between the ANT+ dongle and your bike?

Can you post a screenshot of your pairing screen.

You could try another USB post for the ANT+ dongle.

The 910xt is not needed for Zwift and will not connect to Zwift in any way.

Got it going. Think I was confusing it with the 910xt in the mix. Thank you for helping I really appreciate it. See you in the virtual Zwift world

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