Help with setup please (newbie)

I was just given a Schwinn Hybrid GTX-3 and wanted to try it out with Zwift. I have a Garmin Fenix 6 watch so I bought the cadence and speed sensors from them and put them on the bike with a Saris Fluid2 trainer. I can get everything connected to Zwift and start moving in the world but don’t know if I have the basic settings correct as my speed on my watch and the speed in Zwift doesn’t match and I only get a power output around 20w with the zPower selected. When I used to use an upright bike at the gym I’d be in triple digits… Maybe someone can help

The bike has 700x38 tires. On my Garmin speed sensor I set it to 2180mm for Wheel Size from a chart on Garmin’s website. I also can’t find that wheel size available in Zwift as either 700cc x 38 or 2180mm.
Cadence matches. Speed on my watch may be at 5.5 or 6 mph and on Zwift it’s 4mph for example.

I am running Zwift on an Android v 12
Sensors are paired via ANT+

I’m new to cycling so apologize for something probably pretty simple. I’ve read a bunch of articles but the numbers I’m seeing on Zwift seem way wrong. I’m barely passing people walking on the side of the road lol.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @Dan_Beck, welcome to the forums.

Something must be setup wrong, 20 watts is very low. Are you able to select your exact trainer, or are you using the “unsupported” one?

I’m able to select my exact trainer Saris Fluid2 from the drop down.

Also curious that I can’t select my tire size and what to do as a workaround for it.

I know I’m outputting more than 20w and going faster than 3-4 mph. Frustrating because I would like to do the virtual rides and start connecting with the community…

What sizes are available? I’m sure there is something close.

Are you sure you didn’t swap the speed and cadence sensor.

700 x 32, 28, 25, 23, or 20 in the 700cc category

And no I don’t have the sensors reversed.

Use either of these. Does that help at all?

I tried both of them because they were the closest and that’s where I’m getting my 3-4mph and 20w

Does it feel like there is any resistance at all? Did you tighten the roller against the tire enough, is the tire inflated to the max per the manufacturer recommended psi?

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If you use a cycling computer what Wheel speed does it show?

Yes I had the tires inflated when I picked up the bike and yes with the Saris trainers it clicks when properly tightened. Everything there is ok.

I didn’t write down specific incongruities on speed as I was cycling but the best I can offer is what I put in my original post… If my watch is showing 6 mph let’s say Zwift might be at 4 at best. I can pedal away and that speed nor the power will go anywhere.

I’m also in gears 8-10 basically out of 21 while trying this before anyone asks so the lower half of the 2nd front gear.

I’ve followed all the instructions across all the devices. Set up, then re-setup again. Nothing changes.

I know that Zwift and your watch won’t show the same speed. 8 just wanted to get a idea if the sensor works.

But 6mph wheel speed is very low, that will give you less than 100w.

I understand… was just using it as an example. But even as I’m getting close to 10 mph according to my Garmin it’s still not showing hardly any power and well below that speed in Zwift.

I’m planning on getting pedals to measure power when money allows but was hoping to be able to ride on Zwift with estimated power in the meantime.

Even 10mph is around 100w if you have the setup correct. What power numbers are you seeing?

See the power speed plot.

This setup should give you a reasonable accurate power reading.

I have the Fluid2 dumb trainer.

Yes the plot shows the fluid 2 in green.

Again, I didn’t write down any specifics but showing 6-7 MPH on my watch while playing with Zwift settings and connections on my phone I never saw a power reading above 23 on Zwift or a speed above 4mph.

I can jump on tomorrow (maybe tonight) and notate some different gear/speed/cadence I’m getting from my Garmin and what Zwift is showing then post the results so I can give you actual numbers.

Appreciate your time so far. I’m recovering from a knee injury so I don’t know how much speed I’ll be able to generate but I’ll try to get a decent range of numbers.

It’s no where close to the graph so far.