Help me find a compatible bike for Zwift Hub?

I would think straight bars is a lot better, most people don’t go in the drops on the trainer. Drop bar shifters is a lot more expensive than trigger shift components


On the trainer, you don’t have to be light weight or aero.
You can raise your handle bars as high as you want and can get stems that also raise up.
Since wt doesn’t matter, you can buy inexpensive stems and play around.
I have a fairly extensive collection of cheap stems of different lengths and angles of rise.
I will experiment and when I find the position that I like, then I buy a quality stem.
My friends will call and ask to borrow whatever to see if it improves comfort.

Straight bar it is, I want to go as cheap as possible

Ah interesting. Are road bike in general cheaper or more expensive than hybrids? I’m on a very tight budget

That is a difficult question.
Kind of like “are trucks more expensive than cars”.
Some are.
I personally feel hybrids are a mistake.
They really don’t have the suspension for rough trails and anywhere you would ride a hybrid, a flat bar road bike with proper tires, would be much better.
The best “hybrid” solution is to get a flat bar road bike and 2 sets of wheels.
One with a smoother road like tire and one with a wider bumpy tire for gravel and smooth trails.
You can even try cyclocross or gravel rides with this.
Again, we are talking about going outside.
For a trainer only bike, sure, there are inexpensive options from used bikes or bicycles direct but you have to put together.
You just want to make sure the components are standard - SRAM or Shimano.
Many cheap bikes will have proprietary off sized components that prevent replacement or upgrade.