Compatible bike types

Hello my friends.
I’m from Brazil and I’m thinking about buying the HUB, but I’m not sure if my bikes are compatible with the equipment.
I have an 11-speed MTB (38 teeth in the front and 11/51 teeth in the rear cassette) and another 27-speed MTB (3x9), my question is whether these bikes are compatible with the HUB…Thank you for your help!

Yes they should be fully compatible. The Hub has a Shimano Hyperglide compatible freehub, so any cassette that fits that format will work. The 9 speed cassette will need a spacer to fit, which is included with the Hub. If the 38x11 high gear on the MTB is too low, you can use the QZ app ( to increase the resistance on the trainer. Support for the Zwift Hub is in the beta release of QZ, which you can get from the developer if you need it before it’s fully released. It may be OK depending on how strong you are and whether you do sprints.

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Hi, Thanks for the clarification.