Heavy rider issues

Hi does anyone else struggle as a heavy rider on flat courses in events? As a 100kg rider, once I’m up to speed everyone else rides away… I’m thinking this is a W/kg issue as it’s tough to get the cadence high enough at 25mph+ to produce the necessary wattage to compete with those lighter riders at high W/KG at lower overall watts

Anyone got any tips on how to compete?

It’s usually the other way round.
As a lighter rider 62kg, I’m left for dead by bigger riders as soon as the road turns flat. I’m in dire straits when the road goes downhill.

Hi @Al_little_Moonglu_CC:

What bike do you use on the trainer, and what trainer do you have. If you use a Mountain bike you wont be able to keep up and will spin out on the flats. What are your max cadence?

we just need to lose weight. i ride at 108 kg but FTP is 246 W… so an hour D ride at 2 to 2.5 WPK is like a full on FTP ride… hard for me to hang the whole 60 minutes.

On a 10sp road bike on and elite smart trainer. Cadence in the flat on a cat c Race is about 100-108rpm to try and push 300 watts

That does not sound normal.
What elite trainer are you using, did you calibrate and update firmware. Bluetooth or Ant + .

Do you mind sharing your strava name, I would like to peek at your ride info to see if i can spot something. You can Private message me if you don’t want it on the net.

Al little (moonglu cc) is the name