hearth frequency sensor?

Hi! I want to know if a hearth frequency sensor makes you go faster into the game? Specially when you dont have smart trainer…



Can you give more info on what you are asking.

Maybe zwift takes your heart frequency and you go more fast when your heart is working more

No, Zwift speed is determined by watts, your weight, in game bike used, in game drafting and virtual elevation changes within. It’s about power, not HR.

There is a power meter that works off of heart rate but that is not what you are asking for.

Hi Alan,

Zwift does support heart rate monitors, but they are just tools for health monitoring and will not impact your speed in the game. 

If you want to read a good article that discusses the physics of Zwift and what you can expect when you ride in the game, I’d suggest reading this. You may find it illuminating.

Ride On!