Heart Rate Indicator

It would be great if on the RIDERS NEARBY board during Groups Rides and Races in the Zwift Game if there were an indicator of a ❤ (a heart) that indicates if a rider does (or doesn’t by the heart symbol’s absence) has an active heart rate monitor (HRM) while riding/racing.    This would help a lot in races to know if riders are properly equipped with an HRM.   It would fit right in with the lightning bolt that shows if riders have a smart/power meter and the w/kg reading that we currently have — both of which are very helpful themselves.    Thanks for considering it.     Kevin

Great Idea … i agree to 100% with K.C. …

How would this help? 


Heart rate monitor and zpower. Gerrie it would be good to know since theses racers are automatically disqualified. 

So someone with out a HR monitor can’t do your races. Wow. :frowning:

What is next only Kickers?


All the details for WBR Races are included in a combo of the short description in Zwift (https://zwift.com/en/events/) and then our further link to more detail via our website from ZEM or ZML (http://teamwbr.org/r/4-lap-flat-race/). .%C2%A0)

We actually welcome racers without Heart Rate Monitors (HRMs), however they cannot feature in the final results tables. We feel that it is more fair to properly equipped racers that do choose to display their heart rate data. 

We do realize that sometimes people forget HRMs and sometimes HRMs fail mid-race, so if you are a consistent racer, then you can be added back upon appeal to the race organizers.

Why do we choose to draw such a hard line here?

One reason is that based on a study of past Zwift races, despite CAT A racers making up less than 25% of total race finishers, CAT A also represented MORE THAN 75% of the racers without HRMs. We do not see that as puzzling that the fastest and usually most experienced and serious racers represent vast majority of the non-HRM cohort. We think it is simply too often very poor behavior by people hiding their low heart rate information to avoid questions about the effort that they are expending to keep their speed at the front of competitive races. Therefore in order to do our best to make our Zwift racing fair, we ask that people wear HRMs or race knowing that they will not be included in the final results. We also ask that zPower and non-HRM racers “do not lead breakaways or chases” as that behavior can significantly influence the final outcome of a race for more likely to be properly equipped riders.

I hope that this makes sense and seems fair.

We just want as fair a racing environment as possible.


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I can understand all this for the Cat A racers, but you (WBR) exclude a lot of racers that are just starting to race with those rules. 

Why not rather suggest that zwift give you tools to rank people and automatically put them in the correct starting group. 

That way cheaters will float to the A cat were you have stricter rules. 

Not a attack just a suggestion.

We can only work with the tools that Zwift and ZwiftPower give to us.

They have their own priorities for new tool making.

Having said that – this thread WAS A CASE where I was asking for a new tool to be developed by Zwift … We are hoping to have a HEART RATE MONITOR indicator added to the Riders Nearby board … :wink: