Heart Rate Based Workouts #Running

I understand that Zwift was predominantly a cycling application but with the addition of running and the surge of smart hardware available it seems like the Running experience is a little lacking in a few areas.

I am aware that you can sync workouts from Training Peaks, I wanted to ask the forum if there is any indication Heart Rate based workouts might be included, or even considered for future updates?

I’d absolutely love to see this, and have the ability for it to control a smart treadmill, but that’s a conversation for another thread, I’m led to believe that’s a non mover because of safety concerns, although there are third party apps that can do it so proven it can be achieved…

And I bet those 3rd party apps where that’s possible charge runners to use it unlike zwift…:wink:

This has been requested numerous times, primarily by cyclists who want to maintain a certain heart rate zone since there is no power level that will keep you there if you ride long enough. You are not alone.

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It was a one off charge of less than £2…

Admittedly I didn’t realise Zwift running was free until someone mentioned a while ago, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of runner who would happily pay a sub fee for additional features, I know I would.