Handlebar View

Would like to have a view of my hands on the handlebars. This would be more realistic of what we actually see in front of us as we ride. Our arms, hands, bars, frt wheel, etc.

I agree…


I guess similarly to any simulation game (cars, planes, etc…), multiple angles would be great. I agree that a view of the handlebar with a bike computer showing power, speed, etc… would be great.

Yup, and add the front wheel.



Yes definitely 

Hit ‘1’ or ‘2’ on your keyboard when you are riding. Does that give you what you’re looking for? 

Play with the other options, hitting 1 through 0 and see if those give you some options. 

I agree, I look at by rear too much, and the front view is very weird with nothing at all… if we had bars and a front wheel, I don’t know if it would be worth it IMHO to have a bike computer when I have HUD display on the screen already

There is combination 3+0 (where you can see your back), it should be replaced with handlebar / “display” view.

Ditto! Handlebar view would be great!