Handcycling and Paracycling Avatars

If you’re so bothered why don’t you make your own… oh wait, you did.

Nice work. :+1:


LOL Dave! I’ve even gone so far as to print it, cut it out, and tape it to my TV while I’m riding but every time my avatar swerves around another rider (and pops out from behind), I screams and panic as I feel like I’m suddenly in “Aliens”.

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Absolutely support this one. It is important for us recumbent riders to be represented properly and if something can be done with the physics to give us a speed advantage downhill and yes…okay…play fair…we are a bit slower uphill than our DF friends …all the better.

They are programing now brown crocodile on cargo bike. It must be ready for Aplils Fools Day. It’s impossible to do anything for paracyclists :frowning:

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I definitely support this request. On a similar note, we ride a Co-Motion Speedster tandem. Would love to see an avatar and riding specifications for tandems. Don’t forget that we do go down hill pretty fast but do we ever suffer when climbing. Thanks in advance.

Shame on you, Zwift. Really?

Was it more important? Now we know who is fool in Aprils Fools…



Now they have noticed they look like fools doing that on April’s fool, pretty sure they will leave it for a week or two and say it wasn’t an April’s fool but just a support to the hand and para cycling community


Do you really have a problem with this joke?

Geez, i’m sure this is just an overwhelming mass of people who are bothered by this


It’s great Zwift start this project as many of us riding a Handbike. Really looking forward. How sooner, how better!