Group Rides

After three months of Zwifting, thought it was about time to join a Group ride. I’m not the best rider so picked a group D Sub 2.5 ride. The details were:

6:00PM BST SZR Evening SUB2.5 Joyride


- The goal with the SZR groupride is to focus on the group and keeping the group together the entire ride.

  • This is a social groupride and not a race. Staying close to the rideleader is the key.

  • Follow the rideleaders instructions at all times. 

  • after steep hills we focus on keeping the group togheter and soft pedal to let the group come together again

The ride started with 46 riders. Fairly soon it was clear that people were racing, and paid no notice whatsoever to the leaders requests. This Sub 2.5 ride had riders doing 6.7w/kg at times, and I think the leader finished with about 6-7 others.

Although I try and do Alpe du Zwift each Saturday, and did Ride London Sat and Sun last weekend this was totally way beyond me, and the worst experience with Zwift since I started.

If this is typical of a Group D ride, probably a group M-N would suit me .

I shan’t bother doing another group ride!


Paul: I’d recommend staying with the leader and ignoring the flyers.

If you find a group where the leader ignores the specifications, or where there is no leader and everyone does their own thing, I would cross that group off my list. 

I’ve found several groups with good leaders and a core group that sticks with the leaders. One of them is the Pack (ride list here) and Facebook page here

Are you referring to this ride.


It look like most of the riders that are registered with Zwift Power were at 2.5w/kg. There is always one or two that go over the limit like the guy that came “1st” and then the one that weigh only 50kg.

I don’t know who the leader was so I cant tell what his average was.




Thanks Steve, will take a look at those.

Hi Gerrie, yes thats the one. So the leader was in the group of nine from 2nd to 10th out of a starting number of 46.

My understanding of group rides is very limited. So when a w/kg is referred to in the title of a ride that would be an average for the ride not a maximum?


Hi Paul, 


There is not a very clear rule on that but most Ride leaders will take that as a average since it is very hard to keep at a exact value. But a good ride leader will be very close to the set pace at all times. 

I do lead some group rides my self and my aim is to stay as close to the set pace at all times. 

Please try some other rides as well some are better than others as Steve pointed out. Look for the Zwift Fitness rides (also on FB) , they focus on beginners. 

One other thing to note if you are a very light rider and the leader is a bigger rider then you will have to produce more w/kg to keep at the same pace on flat roads.



Thanks Gerrie

WIll look at those also.

I have wondered why at 150lbs when i’m doing 2.5 w/kg others are flying past me at 1.8 w/kg.

Watts per kilogram is an important guide when the main force against the rider is gravity/weight – when going up hill.

Watts, period, is more important when the main force against the rider is air drag – when riding on the flats.