Group rides seem more difficult since update

I also 100% agree with this. It is an issue and I think the lighter you are the worse it is (but I could be wrong / biased as a lighter rider). The difference in mileage can be quite substantial. I had over 2 miles more mileage at the end of today’s 1hr40min ride than other riders that started and ended at the same time / place I did.
I am really hoping that Zwift HQ find a way to fix this. Not exactly sure when this issue started, but I feel like it is connected to steering?

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hi Ed…compared my wattage form within the bunch vs back of the bunch.
so as i used to ride near leader in the middle i had to push 250w !!
then i drifted to the back to try … and from then numbers dropped to 215w !!
weight 83kg.
i think i first felt this “negative-draft” some 8-10 days ago…and i remember that i was
quite surprised by this hectic lateral moving riders within big pelotons…
anyhow hope for quick update!

Thanks for the quick reply. If you see this topic gaining traction, let me know. I am not sure what I can do to raise awareness and have Zwift HQ fix this… but I’ll do what I can!!

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My race yesterday on volcano flat… Quite a few racers screenshots taken at the same position. I was being spat out the back of the bunch at 320w, 4.1 w/kg. 3 or 4 other riders remaining at the front of the bunch all around 2.5 - 3.5 w/kg and all below 300w. This was on the flat on the wooden bridge.

My only difference from you is i found it easier to draft right at the front of the bunch, when only behind one or two riders. The bigger the bunch, the worse the problem seems. On training rides I’ve tried drafting behind solitary riders and it works perfect.


OK Folks, just got message from zwiftHQ…they know about, they work on it, yet they don’t have a date when they actually Update!


Any news?
Drafting bug already fixed?


This morning SZR sunrise c ride.
Been riding midpack and again ,more watts than the rest,and distance longer .
Zwift send me email, to say that i should calibrate trainer ,uninstall en reinstall zwift and compagnon, which i did already…
So no nothing has changed yet.
Saturday normally i ride 160km 3wkg ride,will stay at the back because there is the easyest place to stay for a few hours😉

Shame. Hope they will fix it fast.
I am new on Zwift.
Did a few days ago my first race in C cat.
Disqualified WKG ( Exceeded category power limits)
I don’t have much experience, but I did not feel draft, I had to push push to follow, and then suddenly I was racing in 1st position. Racing in 1st position or in the middle of the pack felt the same. I stopped pedaling and bit later again in 1st position, on and of. At the end I had the highest w/kg in C cat, but wasn’t the fastest in the pack.
When I take look at the winner in the B cat. That guy was faster, less w/kg and has approx the same weight as me. So in theory, I was on the podium in B cat LOL

You won’t “feel” the resistance change when in the draft

that must be a joke.
I really feel the difference between pushing for example 280 watts or 200 watts.
What is the purpose of “drafting” when there is no difference in output of wattage?

You go faster when drafting, but it doesn’t feel any different if you maintain the same power. Resistance changes only occur due to gradient.

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of course, but that is due to you regulating the power manually (increase/decrease cadence, change gears), not Zwift reducing resistance on your trainer because you are in the draft.

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So if you want to stay in the draft, you have to slow down cadence, or shift one cog larger?

Yep. You need to regulate your power output accordingly. The resistance your trainer is providing won’t change unless you happen to go up or downhill at the same time.

Ok, thanks, sounds logic.

Just like outside. :wink:


Hi Dave, don’t get confused…its just like riding outside in the draft. so its easier within and harder at the front of the bunch…or if you fall out at the back, it’s really tough to come back.

now there is a confirmed “draft-bug” within big pelotons…imposed by excessive lateral movement.
so you have to push some delta +0,5w to stay in the bunch to overcome the more distance you have to ride…you may have noticed some marginal increase in distance compared to your ride buddys…that could add up to 1-2miles after 2h of riding. thats the BUG…its confirmed by zwiftHQ, yet they don’t have a fix ready or even a timeline for it!
anyhow, for now! the “easiest” position in bigger bunches is right at the back, or in strung out snaky blobs…just don’t lose the rear wheel…

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Huh, I’m not confused. :+1:


Hi Dominik, does that draft bug concern everybody?
I felt it also yesterday during a c group ride, I had 3.1 w/kg average.
Its strange, it felt like sometimes its even better to be in the first position, instead in the pack.
I am on a ATV4, kickr snap.

Yes kurt, the same here,but not everybody has it.
Best place is in the back.