Group Ride Issues

Hi All,

Looking for people experiencing issues with group rides recently.

This weeks ADHR which had over 400 riders had issues with power of riders and glitching locations.

People pushing 3W/kg trying to catch people only doing 2w/kg with no difference.

I personally usually sit in the group with a 2-2.5w/kg and was pushing 2.8-3 to try and catch up with no eval…




So in a group you will travel much faster at the same w/kg therefore you have to produce more power to catch them. Same as in real life.

Two guys with different weight will travel at different speed if they are at the same w/kg number on a flat road.

HI Gerrie,


I’m aware of the group ride mechanics in Zwift and have done this ride and other often.

In this case we all left the stage area, rolled out like normal and within a few minutes it was clear something wasn’t quite right.

I’m more curious hor the back end servers manage the connections and information of all the riders - is 400 simply too many for a single group? Is there some consideration with different internet speeds and the backend loaction.

Other weeks this ride goes off without a hitch and many people where complaininit during the ride.