Group Ride Etiquette

I rode in Casual Monday Group Ride(D) 1/8 @ 7pm USA-EST. I rode at an avg 2.0 watt/kg and was dropped big by over twenty riders. The ride was advertised as 1.0-2.0 wat/kg. This ride was sponsored by Post Ride Cycling.

I am more than capable of riding at a high level indoors or outdoors but i respect the sanctity of group rides. Why should i pay a fee to ride alone? So I rode alone the entire time, which begs the question maybe I should just eliminate my Swift membership and find another option.

Was there a ride leader? Generally you should stay with the ride leader and not chase the flyers.


If you’re a lighter rider then you’ll have to do more than 2.0w/kg to keep up with heavier riders who are doing 2.0 w/kg.

Sadly, some people will always find a way to spoil things.

Find a better group ride or ride with Maria or Miguel. I did the TugaZ Sunday Nata ride for the first time last week and was hugely impressed. Nice zappy fence and excellent pacing. Advertised at 2.0 to 2.5. Averaged 2.2 for the 75km. Perfect.

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not familiar with that exact ride but the ride leader typically averages the correct pace in steady/casual group events, and it’s very rare i’ve ever been on one where that wasnt the case, so stay near him and you’ll get a good ride. no need to worry about what some guys up the road are doing

you are paying the fee to use the service, there are multiple uses for the platform, group riding is just one of them, maybe you would have been better off with a pace partner

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I’m not aware of that particular ride, but Zwift can’t really control what individual events run by community members do - the ride leader should be keeping things under control and the best way is to stay with the ride leader, provided they don’t go with the front as well.

Some of the group rides are better than others, and it’s a matter of trying them and find the good ones and the ones to avoid. There are some I definitely avoid.


That ride was supposed to have both a Yellow and Red Beacon group. The Yellow at ~2.0 wkg, the Red at ~1.5wkg. Did either show up?

There does seem to be a split with 2 different groups looking at the ZP results (ID 4055386). The fast group though looks well over 2wkg, but the slower group does seem under 2wkg