Group Leader Gold Beacon bug

I set up a 6.6 mile group meeting this morning to which no one showed up, which I then rode around with the gold beacon for about 5 minutes until I joined the WBR two lap race event without exiting the solo “group” ride – and still had the gold beacon while I raced- and when the race was done my results didn’t appear in the rankings.

In addition, during the race I was still wearing the same kit that I was wearing during my solo “group” event and could not visually identify any other racing participants, which according to the rider list should have included 32 others.

Hey Isaac!

I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into this bug.

While it should have been fixed in previous updates, if you’ve encountered it again while keeping up to date, please contact our Community Support team with your logs (and maybe a screenshot), and we’ll be happy to investigate this further with you.

Ride On!