Graphics model of the new SuperSix evo

Anyone else notice that the graphics model of the new SuperSix Evo is devoid of decals and has portions of the frame not colored uniformly? Almost like it needs to be skinned…

Yep - I noticed the frame taking on different appearances that looked like they were pulled from the overall catalog. At one point, I swear there was a Trek logo on the downtube…

Where are you seeing the Super Six EVO? I thought it wasn’t available until Sunday.

It was in the drop shop.

Hmmm. Perhaps there are different Zwift versions floating around again. I checked tonight (on my iPad) and only the Evo, no Super Six Evo. Maybe in a day or two.

it’s not available on ios yet

Here’s the screen image in the PC Zwift Drop Shop:

All About Zwift’s New Cannondale SuperSix Evo Frame

Eric Schlange writes on ZwiftInsider:

what about the default paint on this frame? To be honest, we’re still trying to figure out how it works, because it’s unlike any other colorway on Zwift! We can’t figure out if it’s a wacky bug, or a crazy sort of reflective paint. Check out these in-game shots, where the frame is clearly “mimicking” its surroundings: