Gradient Change between Neoyko and Makuri Island almost throws me off the bike [May 2022]

Are you bluetooth or ANT+?

It feels like this has been worked on. I just did the same Denise Drops PP ride on Wandering Flats as last week, with the same set-up (KICKR 2018 and Win 10 PC, using Bluetooth only).

Leaving Yumezi for Neokyo, I could feel no change whatsoever. In the other direction, there was a very short-duration, small increase in resistance at that point, but nothing like before.

The Yumezi/Neokyo transition seems to be better, if not completely resolved, but still a number of issues like this in Watopia (at least on ATV). Noticed issues today approaching the Jungle entrance (near ‘force field’) and in two places where Desert Flats meets the Epic KOM road. Needs to be resolved.

At what I figure is 2.39 km into the route, my kickr climb gets triggered for an elevation increase but I can see no elevation change on screen. It’s consistently happening for me, I dunno if that is captured in my saved rides but they are available. It happens just before the odometer updates to 2.4 km, in the Italian village?

This issue, in general, seems to be coming back. Maybe not at the Makuri/Neokyo intersection, but at multiple intersections in Watopia, for sure. I went through a couple last night while riding Beach Island Loop that were reasonably severe.

iPad OS (latest version)
Zwift (latest version)