Gradient Change between Neoyko and Makuri Island almost throws me off the bike [May 2022]

Conspiracy theory time: one of the 150-200 employees planted a bug on the way out so that zwift riders would become (more) disappointed with the service and try a competitor, which aforementioned employee now works at. :joy:


Any updates on this? I hit the invisible wall last night just after the dirt transition to the tunnel back to Neokyo. Neo Bike on AppleTV both up to date on app/firmware versions.

Common denominator seems to be BLE.

Yup, using BLE and getting this effect on Wandering Flats with Denise Drops while using a Wahoo KICKR 2018 and Win 10.

Can’t be bothered to try ANT+ for a relatively small effect like this, myself, but I can imagine it is jarring if using equipment that changes bike pitch.

This could be why I haven’t noticed it recently, I have switched to using my old Tacx flow for a bit and use ANT+ to connect to that as the bluetooth is pretty rubbish on it. I had thought it just wasn’t quick enough to change the gradient quickly up and down again.

Hey all - update on this issue - we have a handle on the root issue here and are reviewing the work. It therefore did not make it in today’s 1.26.0 release, but we hope to release the fix as soon as we can.


Just did the Castle to Castle route, and the transition from Neokyo to Yumezi and back feels smoother than the ride I did this morning. So no weird spike in power/gradient feel.

Edit - forgot to mention the devices I used:

  • Tacx Neo Bike Smart
  • Windows 11 PC
  • Bluetooth only (no ant+)

FWIW: I rode the Wandering Flats route in Makuri yesterday and today. Yesterday: gradient issue. Today (following the update): no issue. The only potential difference I can think of, outside of the update, is that today I rode with a PP. So perhaps this did get corrected?

Seems fixed based on a couple of rides

Are you bluetooth or ANT+?

It feels like this has been worked on. I just did the same Denise Drops PP ride on Wandering Flats as last week, with the same set-up (KICKR 2018 and Win 10 PC, using Bluetooth only).

Leaving Yumezi for Neokyo, I could feel no change whatsoever. In the other direction, there was a very short-duration, small increase in resistance at that point, but nothing like before.

The Yumezi/Neokyo transition seems to be better, if not completely resolved, but still a number of issues like this in Watopia (at least on ATV). Noticed issues today approaching the Jungle entrance (near ‘force field’) and in two places where Desert Flats meets the Epic KOM road. Needs to be resolved.

At what I figure is 2.39 km into the route, my kickr climb gets triggered for an elevation increase but I can see no elevation change on screen. It’s consistently happening for me, I dunno if that is captured in my saved rides but they are available. It happens just before the odometer updates to 2.4 km, in the Italian village?

This issue, in general, seems to be coming back. Maybe not at the Makuri/Neokyo intersection, but at multiple intersections in Watopia, for sure. I went through a couple last night while riding Beach Island Loop that were reasonably severe.

iPad OS (latest version)
Zwift (latest version)

Yes, the issue is still happening. Still experiencing the momentary extreme resistance hit on the Beach Island Loop and have also seen it recently on Volcano flat reverse, just after climbing the dirt track up to the fountain you bear right still going up then slightly down and just around there you get a high resistance hit.

Managed to see this issue in a bit more detail on a slower ride. Just after the fountain and veering right there is what looks like a step down in the road before a building. As you hit this where the road drops you get the strange resistance hit.


Hey all, this bug has been fixed in game version 1.27.0 which released today. Please update Zwift at your earliest convenience and let us know if everything’s working as it should now (or not). Thanks for your patience.


I’m not 100% sure if this is the same issue but I rode the EVO race today on Wandering Flats and a short time after leaving the city and entering the open countryside, the other avatars were at a different elevation to me (they were higher) followed by a ‘jump’ in the graphics (imagine riding through a massive pothole) before it settled down to normal again.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a bigger issue. I’m using a KICKR v5 with a KICKR CLIMB, connected over Bluetooth. I’m on Zwift 1.27.0, and I’ve noticed these sudden gradient changes lately in many worlds. To name just a few Watopia Jungle loop, Hilly loop, Makuri Islands Wandering Flats, France R.G.V (really bad in certain places). At the moment in almost every course I’ve tried where there are flattish sections with minor gradient changes the CLIMB with go down step by step in small “jerks” a handful of times only to smoothly go back to were it was, and then the process repeats. In France RGV, about half way through, the CLIMB behaves as described previously on flattish sections, but can also suddenly dip excessively and then return to where it should be. These dips are not at intersections. This happened three of four times during the last half of the ride.
Somehow it seems like the gradient data needs to be “smoothed” for every course on Zwift.

Hi @Ingemar_Bergmark

Thanks for your report. When you were on Jungle Loop, Wandering Flats and R.G.V., were you able to reproduce this issue at the section of those routes? If so, would you be willing to help us pinpoint by screenshotting where it occurs?

The bug described upstream is on specific sections of the Makuri map, and we were able to determine why that intersection had this bug. In your case - because this occurs on different routes on several worlds, I would like to eliminate other possibilities. Let’s start by making sure that the firmware on your KICKR CLIMB on the latest firmware. Instructions are on Wahoo’s Support Site.

After that step - would you mind seeing if you can reproduce the issue on those routes?