GPX simulated Route (not Workout)

I already saw there is the possibility to create a Workout of real-life GPX Bike Route recordings with Tools like Whatsonzwift.

But is there also somehow the possibility to do a Road-Simulation of the GPX recording? So I don’t re-ride the PowerZones from the GPX but just have the Elevation Data from the GPX and I can ride the Track in Simulation Mode? (Real-Life Route Training)


That is not a Zwift feature at this time

Thank you for your fast reply. That’s really a pity! :frowning:
Do you maybe know any App which is capable of such a Feature? :thinking:

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Or you can ride such a route via a bike computer that controls your trainer, e.g. Garmin. Just without the visuals.


oh - Garmin is capable of re-ride Tracks based on the Track Elevation and not only the Power-Levels of the Track? (Road Simulation) That would be enough for those Training Routes. Will have a look into this the next days … thx! :slight_smile:

You can create a custom workout in Zwift based on a GPX file of a route.

See the monthly Megathread: Zwift Resource Megathread - November 2022 🗺

Specifically, this tool: Convert GPX file to Zwift workout | What's on Zwift?

Using a head unit (aka “Bike Computer”) with smart trainer control is another option, as @Steve_Hammatt suggested. “Potato/tomacco”.

You can do this in Golden Cheetah and slope mode so it follows the gradient. I sometimes load a GPX route I’ve ridden outside and “re-ride” it on the trainer.