Gondola Lift Ride

Maybe mark this down as silly but riding up the mountain yesterday I thought it would be great to have a high speed gondola ride to the top so we could race down the mountain. I know the purists will probably say that the top of the mountain should be earned but it wouldn’t be much different than local ski hills taking mountain bikers to the top on their lifts. Regardless, it would put another fun element into the game. (I would still ride up as well though…fun workout)

On a side note I wish there were more ways to look around at the scenery when on the mountain. You Zwift guys have created some great vistas.

Only if it was a pedal-powered gondola!

Gotta work hard to earn the downhill! :wink:

I think it Watopia were to expand signfiicantly - and I hope it will. Then being able to choose your starting position would be useful. But; it’s not big enough to need that yet, and in any case starting should always be at sea level as descending without climbing is cheating :wink: