Ghost and ad hoc races

I Now enjoy Zwift coming from several months of Kinomap and some Rouvy use.

However, there are two features I really miss out in Zwift:

  1. Always riding against your previous best ghost time on any route you chose. Race or training session, regardless. This is some of the most motivating I have tried and I totally miss it in Zwift where the augmented reality would add even more flavor to this option seeing yourself ahead or behind.
  2. Having the opportunity to pick opponents of same category/Power (W/kg) for ANY ride you do. At ANY time and thus compete against their best ride on that route. I fully appreciate a lot of online races, but in my case, I have a small window available in the morning and I am simply not able to identify appropriate routes with the right length etc. to fit in. Even an “automated match of opponent” feature like Kinomap or a manual like Rouvy has, would be great.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

  1. This has been requested many times, please vote them up:

  2. This has also been requested a few times, but you could us the Meet Up feature to create one.