Getting a spin bike - where do I start?

To me how big of a problem it really is kind of depends on what you want from Zwift. I’m a minimalist. I use Zwift as exercise. I used to take spin classes until Covid closed my gym. After months of hoping she’d be able to open again, she announced she’s closed permanently. When researching a spin bike I realized I’d prefer something like Zwift vs online Peloton (or similar) classes. I get on, choose a route, and ride. I don’t plan to race and it’s unlikely I’d even do a group ride. My goals are to improve over time. So all my stats are relative to what they were before and not at all important how they compare to someone else. So if my wattage is a bit low or a bit high - doesn’t really matter as long as it’s consistent so I can track progress. I’m sure purists would shutter at that thought but that’s how I look at it. Now if I was planning on racing, then it would be important for my watts to be as accurate as possible since it affects others if the watts are too high and would make it difficult to keep up if my watts were too low. Take all of this for what it’s worth. I’m new to it all but this is what I’m finding for myself.

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That’s really helpful, thanks Heather and yes, I suppose the extent of the problem depends on the type of user you are. I’m also in my 50s & just trying to look after us all - lovely & now v anxious & inactive son who used to love cycling with his dad, husband who might or might not manage a bit on the bike to try to maximise his 2nd round of chemo (some good research on exercise enhancing chemo). Might even get 18 Yr old daughter on occasionally & me. Will call the co. that sell the Schwinn tomorrow & see what they say. Thanks so much again

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I can’t stress enough that those Schwinn bikes will be a waste of your money for what you could get otherwise in a smart bike for multiple people or a really good smart trainer with 3 cheap real bikes. Especially if you are looking for a setup that is engaging when using Zwift or other cycling training apps that make use of ERG mode and dynamic responses when just riding around.

Ahhh! Well I think that that’s the watt bike which isn’t avail until May (want it earlier for the chemo effort), or the wahoo kickr - could just about cope with tbe expense but it’s clearly for the super experts. Or think the tacx?

I wouldn’t get a watt bike either.

What would you get Fez? (with same criteria)

Agreed! The experience from a spin bike doesnt begin to compare to how immersed a good smart trainer or dedicated smart bike will be. Also, those apps that translate your HR into power are basically a random number generator (not even a question of relative accuracy) and will certainly water down the “Zwift experience”…

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OK extremely kind advisers - have put in an order on a stages sb20 - as recommended by Chris but now know that’s what I’m after from all of your advice. And Heather, I’m sure we would have got on fine with a spin bike but with little chance of holiday even with lock down easing, thought the fun of something more responsive would be a fair use of funds. And with 3-4 of us using it, should make it worthwhile. Fingers crossed its only the 4 week wait advertised. Thanks again all :grin:

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That’s fantastic!! I hope you love it. And wishing your husband all the best with his chemo.

Here is an in depth review of your chosen device to help you set it up. Stages Bike (SB20) In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

In case anyone else still considering spin bikes, I’ve been helping test SmartSpin2k, an open source project, to add smart controller function. The idea is to approximate smart bike functionality at lower price points.

One of the collaborators has an IC4, which as described earlier broadcasts data in FTMS protocol; as does my Lifespan Fitness SM-400.

We can always use more testers/contributors!

Thanks do much Heather - it’s an exercise in hope and living in the day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Fez, I had seen this - that is alot of info :hugs: