Genie in Watopia?

For the past 5 or 6 days, I have not seen pace partner Genie in watopia. It is a pace partner I like to ride with like many other players. What is going on? Is Genie coming back?

He’s currently riding Three Little Sisters and has been since Monday.

Just double checked and he’s definitely there and riding with 30 others.

Lucky chap


If this is your usual pace partner, look at the first tile in the list of pace partners, I bet it is Genie. The ones you use the most get moved to the first tile in the line of pace partners. I bet you are scrolling right past them.

I ride almost evry day with Genie :wink:. And I wasn’t the only one where it wasn’t visible.
But for me today he is back! I have already taken it for a ride.