Garmin kit missing from garage

Noticed today that the Garmin kit from the garage is missing. This is the light blue jersey with white vertical stripe. It was obtained recently from the Never Stop Cycling series. Not sure what happened to it.

Same for me!

Did you log out and in again? I believe it is necessary. Got my kit yesterday, it is here today (PC, Win 10).

Logging off and on made no difference. Earned kit again by doing a second Garmin ride and was able to put it on in the garage before saving the ride, but next ride it is missing in the garage and default Zwift kit substituted. Same on Apple TV, iOS and macOS.

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I’m wondering if the kit is getting removed from the garage because I’m not connected to a Garmin account. I think this Jersey usually only appears when connected to a Garmin account.

Yes, after putting on the Garmin jersey, leaving Zwift and re-starting the app I’m wearing the default orange Zwift jersey. Using PC+Win10.

Just completed Stage 1 and received the Kit Unlocked banner but no kit… So what is going on?

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It will likely not appear until the next time you log in.


I have logged in twice since my race…no kit… Another Zwift bug??

Hard to say. Sometimes they wait until the end of the entire series to award the kits.

Same here - have done 2 stages and received the kit twice. Upon next login the kit is gone. I have logged out and back in to no avail. I have contacted support and they don’t have a resolution.

I also finished the Garmin stage 1. Got email about finishing but never got the jersey put into my garage. Contacted support…I think Im on a 'list.

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I heard Garmin’s check bounced.

+1 for this issue, just spoke to support:

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SOLVED - I completed 3 Garmin events and on each occasion the Garmin kit vanished from my garage when logging off. Following an earlier tip on this thread, I then connected Zwift to my Garmin account. Next log-in to the game, a pop up appeared immediately, telling me I had unlocked the Garmin kit, which then appeared in my garage.

This kit is unlocked when connected to a Garmin account, but I’m guessing will also disappear when disconnected from the account. The event description states the kit is awarded for completion of the ride and makes no mention of needing a Garmin account.

No Garmin kit in my garage… Can anyone confirm that they have the Garmin kit from the event in the garage and do not have a Garmin account connected?

Hi all,

I can confirm that you MUST connect your Zwift account to your Garmin Connect account to unlock the jersey to have the Garmin Kit appear in your garage. I just connect Zwift to my Garmin Connect account, then logged into Zwift and the Kit was in my Zwift garage.

The easiest way to do this is - log into your Zwift account on your computer, click the menu icon(the 3 horizontal lines on the top right hand corner), click your your icon(image), then select Connections. Search for Garmin then click connect. You must have a Garmin Connecct Account for this to work and complete at least one Garmin ride.

Log back into Zwift and your Garim kit should be in your Zwift garage.


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Yes - I connected my Garmin account and now have the kit. Just a shame for everyone completing the Garmin rides expecting to get the kit but don’t have a Garmin account.