Garmin Edge 530 Controlling Trainer and Not Zwift

Hi all! My trainer and its connections are really screwed up and I admit I don’t know anything about that process.

I noticed my flat ground resistance on Zwift was almost nothing. I was always riding in the lowest gear. Then I realized my 530 was on a mode, and it was also connected to the trainer.

I have to admit I feel a bit silly; I connected both Zwift and the Edge to the trainer. Looking back, I realize how detrimental and confusing to Zwift and likely even the Edge.

So, it’s been like this for almost a year. Even when I have the Edge off, the setting from it on the trainer seems to remain the same. I need to know how to totally and absolutely get rid of the Edge from influencing my trainer!

Help is needed! Thanks mates!

Make sure when you pair with Zwift that it your trainer is set as the “controllable” as well - check that that specific box is also highlighted.

On the Garmin Edge, go to settings, sensors, find the trainer. There will likely be THREE entries for it: one as speed/cadence, one as power, another as “Controllable”. The latter is what’s causing your issues.

Either switch that sensor OFF or entirely REMOVE it as a Controllable Trainer.

Photos below from my Edge bike computer connected to a NEO2T, to illustrate the point. :stopwatch: Speed/Cadence, and :zap: Power in the first image, Smart (controllable) Trainer in the second. Final is sensor details of the Smart Trainer.

See also this thread: Pssst: Yes, you do have another device connected, dummy

I was the dummy. Don’t be me.

TL;DR: any device that has ever been connected to your trainer is a suspect for taking control of it - many fitness apps are “greedy” and operate in the background, trying to maintain connections. Ensure that every other device - phone, tablet, watch - “forgets” your trainer. That includes configuration/settings apps like those from Tacx/Garmin, Wahoo, Elite, Saris etc.

Hi! Thanks folks, great tips! I made sure that indeed my trainer was controlled by Zwift, but CJ, your advice was very interesting about devices being “greedy.”

That seems to sum up what happened! I completlely removed my trainer from the Edge 530 and deleted all of the Edge’s data and reset it.

That may seem overboard, but I really needed to make sure it’s not “haunting” as it were, my trainer!

Thanks for the great advice :smiley: oblitorated the Edge’s memory and likely influence on the trainer last night. And I’m at work now, but I am going to give it a spin tonight - I’ll keep you posted.

And to you folks and anyone has any more great advice on this topic, please share with me. I’m going to go through the mega thread as well. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that this has happened to!


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