Edge Messing with Sim Mode?

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When I use the trainer with Zwift and with my Garmin Edge 530 (to record the ride) I have very, very low resistance when peddling outside anything other than my lowest gear. But, when I use the trainer without the app, the resistance is much greater, and other gears do not just feel like I’m peddling against air!

I’m unsure what is causing this. I know Zwift takes you into “sim” mode; but could the Edge be messing with it? The Edge is set to incline levels, and is there a chance that could be altering the resistance that is set in Zwift’s sim mode?

Thanks! Any other potential soultions or follow up questions are welcome! Just as a side note, it has been calibrated with the Tacx app, and the firmware is up to date :smiley:

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We’d need to know your entire setup, as well as how you are connecting, in order to be able to offer any constructive advice.

When you use a trainer with Zwift and a head unit (bike computer) disconnect/turn off the trainer on the head unit as a “controllable trainer”.

You can still leave it connected as a Power, Speed, Cadence sensor to record data but you want to avoid the head unit having the ability to take control of the trainer.

I would also strongly suggest you never pair the Edge with the trainer using BLE: force it to use ANT+ only so there’s zero ambiguity over the trainer’s BLE channel being taken over by the Edge.

Hi all! Thanks for the replies. My set up is one Garmin Edge 530, Zwift, and a Tacx Flux 2 trainer. And for CJ’s point, that’s a great idea. I knew something was up because when I bought it, I knew it had a huge flywheel so I knew something was strange!

I’ll change the headunit settings! Any other suggestions are still very welcome!

Thanks folks! And very best regards,

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