Garmin and non-smart roller

Hello Zwift team,
I am using Zwift with a simple (non-smart) trainer, i.e. zwift calculates wattage from the speed measured with a speed sensor on my rear wheel, plus heart rate and cadence via ant+ sensors for both. I choose the trainer setting so tgat zwift speed about matches my real world speed at similar effort (and topography), so that I can roughly compare my zwift and real world sessions. I also have a Garmin Forerunner 935 I am using for all outdoor activities. My issue now is as follows: if I record my training in zwift (linked to my garmin connect account) and the forerunner, I always have to exercises in the end - the zwift workout with all zwift metrics and the forerunner workout. so I would delete one of them: if I ommit the Zwift workout, I loose all nice info on virtual world distance, elevation gain, (rough) wattage etc. On the other hand, if I ommit the Forerunner data, Garmin does not include/consider the exercise in any metrics my watch offers like TSS, FTP, VO2max etc. and I loose info on wattage and elevation gain of zwift. Also the ride distance is arbitrary as it is only the rotation speed of the wheel. Is there a way to overcome this issue and get the best of both, e.g. like transmit speed, wattage and elevation from Zwift to my Forerunner?
Furthermore, as I am considering to get myself a smart trainer: obviously, these transmit wattage and also the speed zwift vs. Forerunner would Match with this setup. Yet, I assume I would still loose elevation info or training metrics (TSS etc) depending on whether I decide to keep the zwift or forerunner activity in my garmin connect?

Thanks for your support, kind regards