Gameplay is in Black & White

Ive just joined Swift today.  All of the normal menus are in colour (including the buttons) however the gameplay is in black and white.  Is this because of the Old Bike that I’m riding and its supposed to reflect that?


I’ve just signed back up after a couple of months away (back on the road due to decent weather). Not sure what the idea of this is, really annoying. I appreciate that its 1st April and there could be a joke in there, but I just want to ride on the normal screen/bike etc…

You are currently unable to change the bike, so it looks like we’re all stuck with this for a while.


Not good.

Zwift does this kind of thing every April 1st, no need to get upset over it.

Difficult when someone sends an on screen message calling you a pillock for asking when it finishes. 

Glad I signed back up now