Game Update - February 23rd, 2021

F10 always worked, but it would crash some systems…I ain’t hitting that button again!!!

Mine went black. AMD by chance? Mine finally went away a few updates ago, but I still don’t trust it.

Is it paired to something else, like your phone? If so, and you make sure it’s not paired to your phone, does it work?

I’ve been double troubled by this. I lead a group workout. It fragments quickly and people can’t communicate.

Since the January update, as leader or just a rider I quickly fall to last place or near last despite hitting all wattage targets on my KICKR bike. I’m riding 1-15w/kg more than everyone around me but still chronically stuck at the very back where I used to be at the very front until the January update.

When riding grouprides on Seaside Sprint, we get messages from runnergroups when getting close to the runnertrack.

Was also told to use some other hardware… Stock response from Zwift seems to be its your fault not ours…

I have had no issue

the names Ball, Andy Ball , and what do the 3 dots signify ?

Zwift are recruiting like crazy at the moment , i think they could benefit from your wealth of experience and positive attitude


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A back-end relevant update can still be included in patch notes - no need to be pedantic.

Thank you for the updates but am sorry to hear the following has not been addressed

  1. Once you end a ride and save it Zwift closes. On occasion I simply want to change routes but this is impossible without closing and reopening.

  2. An indication of which routes you have and haven’t completed when choosing one to ride. This seems quite basic to implement. I don’t want to have to look through all the badges to see.

  3. An indication of the remaining distance to complete on a route when riding.

  4. 30 day PR’s when riding in an event don’t show. They only show for that particular event.

If these could be addressed I am sure the whole community would appreciate it.


Ha! Also in software development here mate, and not sure how relevant your experience 35 years ago is for what the Zwift team are doing…

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Turn your monitor upside down. Sorry… Couldn’t resist :grin::rofl:

After reading this update I’m relieved to have cancelled my membership in January

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Is there a time scale to get the keep everyone together on event’s. I was told it was put on the to-do list @Wes my ride is split into 2 now with half using the meetups instead. It be good to get everyone back together on 1 ride again

Omg still no red frame bug fix! It’s been nearly a year surely this can be ticked off!!

Issue: zg-9864


Can I ask that we also get access to the drop shop, badges etc in the Companion app please? Seems weird that i have to start a ride just to see this stuff!

Also- for some reason the companion app isn’t registering that I’ve started a ride. My iPhone goes to sleep instead of the app changing to the map view.


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Brilliant work! Any update on new mountain bike content like repack ridge?


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Why was this, more or less pointless update, released just before the WTRL ZRL race?
Very silly.

Lots of teams are complaining that they had issues logging in.
Lots of riders on different client versions.


Really annoying if they don’t fix that, as you say, it’s a big issue for leading group rides

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