Game Update - August 6th, 2020

I doubt that since Zwiftpower doesn’t have knowledge of all meetup events. But maybe I am wrong.

Intresting update, thanks Zwift!

I’m interested to know how or what device is going to be made available for Zwifters who have the Kickr Climb device. The device available does not appear to be Climb friendly…


Great update!

Looking forward to getting back to France!

Also, only month now until the big UI update drops! Bring on the September update!!

Looks like a great update !! Well done HQ!
Ordered the steering block as well…looking forward to test this out


That’s a big +1 from me :slight_smile:

Pace partners looks interesting, but I’d rather Zwift incorporated a ghost feature whereby you could race yourself (your PB) over a given route. And every update, I keep waiting for it, and every update I’m disappointed. The ability to change or select routes in-game, or being able to view badges via the app.

But hey, at least new riders get long white socks and a helmet…‘sighs’


Hi, when do you expect to have a progress bar for routes chosen out of events? I mean, when we coose a route in any world, thre’s no status bar,and if you don’t remember the km or miles, you don’t know how many kms or miles are remaining, we can just see this in events. Will be grat to have it for every ride we make, even if it’snot part of an event. Thank you.


Plenty to get stuck into here … great work Zwift!
Hopefully this is the size/scale of updates that will be rolled out in the coming updates aswell as its interesting to see far more positive comments (vs the usual moaning :wink:) with this update.

Personally I think this update brings a good mix of key experience changes, minor improvements which will benefit the community and ongoing fixes.

I’m a smart bike user so will have to be patient to try out the steering feature … hoping this has been integrated into Wattbike Atom functionality? … but the late join for meet-ups and new power ups amongst others will be good to play with.


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Hey Javier,

You can achieve this with the meetup feature. You’ll need to add someone to the meetup (they don’t need to join).

Meetup can be created for any course in any of the available worlds. When you join the meetup up (you can be up to 30mins late if still setting up your gear) you will get a progress bar at the top of the screen.

Progress bar by default will be the length of the route you selected although you can change this when creating up the meetup to go further, do more laps etc.

When you are getting to the end of your route, try create a new meetup on the companion App for a different route. Now you can complete your route and jump straight into another course without needing to restart the whole of Zwift.

Ride on!


Any updates on the country flags? Seem like this upgrade didn’t work that out.

I’ve never had an issue with the Kicker Climb.

Will steering with the app on the mountain bike course still work?

I assume Peter is referring to how the Climb would interact with any kind of steering block/device.

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I didn’t see the update yet on Apple TV

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Always look forward to updates and got exciting about the ability to have steering as I purchase an Elite Sterzo a month or two ago and had a couple of runs on the MTB course. Found out I have now wasted my money as this is no longer supported and have to upgrade to the Elite Sterzo smart. Very Annoying that this is not even an option although understand the accuracy issue.
So begrudgingly I have ordered the new one as expect this will be in limited supply. Hope it arrives soon as want to test this feature out.
Anyone have need of the old version let me know.

ZC in Play Store still 3.16, yet release notes says Meetups with France and Paris available now?

iOS update not released yet?

iOS appears to be available (in the US, anyway), but not TV OS.

When we are we going to be able to end a ride without quitting program on Mac UI? A lot of times I want to do a short ride to warm up for group event or switch to another route without having to close down the whole UI