Game Update - August 6th, 2020

Hi @Wes - it may be pure coincidence but I tried to ride on iOS this morning (Tuesday) and it crashed four times in the space of 40mins. Didn’t freeze, just kicked me out altogether and back to the home screen. IPhone 7, fully charged, all connections OK, hasn’t done this before today (last used Zwift on iPhone yesterday).

Perhaps not related to this release but I see that the Companion App has just been updated, so wondered if it’s done something to the Zwift App code…

Perfectly normal for France to appear in New Caledonia. Although, Paris does appear in Paris :man_shrugging:

Ugh. Monday I ran in Zwift France without problem using foot pod and 4k ATV, then tried to switch to the Wahoo smart bike. The bike paired fine then went back to the pairing screen and insisted that I had to pair through Zwift Companion, which I never ever use. I checked in FulGaz and it recognizes and reads the bike just fine. Now Zwift doesn’t even see my foot pod. It insists I have to use Zwift Companion to pair anything. Not happening. Had to run using Virtual Active videos with my Zwift foot pod today (which downloaded to Strava just fine). I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling Zwift when I can find the time. What a pain to have it break while we’re in lockdown.

@Keith_Wakeham-7256 and anybody else interested…

Zwift is looking for any device (neither Bluetooth MAC address or device name matter) that is advertising the service 347b0001-7635-408b-8918-8ff3949ce592

When it sees that, it displays a steering wheel on the pairing screen, and you can then click through and select the Sterzo Smart.

Basically if you have the Sterzo (smart) in BT range of your Zwift device when you log in, Zwift will recognize it automatically and display it as being pairable on the pairing screen.

August 13 @ 23:30 UTC, and we have released a hot patch for the August 6 game release.

Please check the latest version numbers on this thread.

AppleTV hot patch is not out yet - still under Apple review.
Mac / PC are available now
Android is also out and should be available globally.
iOS is out, but is still propagating.

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@shooj and what is the hot patch fixing?


Google Play Store says the patch fixes the following;

  • Fixed BACK button crash in PacerBot UI
  • Fixed various Font and Localization issues

Do you think that means the Bots are fixed?

Hi @shooj. Is the patch fixing the blacked out avatars? This is the only issue I’ve had on apple tv - avatar looks like it is wearing arm warmers, full finger gloves, leg warmers (socks on outside - cool) and balaclava.

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My SL7 from the drop shop is Pink even when dragging the color slider to red. If i select another bike and enter an SL7 event the bike will default back to red.

I’m getting the issue of black patches on my avatar on AppleTV (4K) too now. It looks like these are shadows but are way too black. Look at my “leg warmers” in the first pic. My avatar’s hair is jet black now - it used to be noticeably brown. This isn’t a brief effect under, say, trees, it carries on in open areas.

It’s only my avatar that is shaded incorrectly. Scenery looks fine.

It didn’t look anything like this before this August update. (Edit - this is using the initial August 6th release for Apple TV, since today’s patched version hadn’t arrived before my ride)

Apple TV app updates sure do seem to be taking a while to get approved by Apple these days. Still waiting for the hot patch.

Still got the black patching, or did it go away? If you’ve still got it, did you go into the garage and (in the “me” section) select your normal skin tone? My son had a black head-to-toe leotard look his first ride after the update, but he was able to fix it in the garage and hasn’t had it reappear since then.

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I haven’t had the hot patch still, but I’m not seeing the black shading in Watopia or France. I’ve now tried resetting my skin shade. I need to try riding again in Yorkshire where I had the problem.

We don’t have the hot patch yet either (atv), and it hasn’t come back since re-selecting the skin tone thing in the garage.

Same here. I went quickly to Yorkshire and the problem wasn’t there like it was last time. So perhaps resetting my avatar’s skin tone fixed it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Getting an unusual amount of stutter recently irrespective of frame rate, unsure if it’s related to this release but France is certainly the worst affected (though I do see it on the other worlds too). Seems most noticeable on riders coming the other way so I’m wondering if it’s to do with the new time gap calculations and/or people not being on the latest update. But it’s frustrating.

Had something similar earlier in the year that Zwift saw and fixed, with the release notes then saying it was to do with riders exiting events.

This is on Windows 10, across two different setups.

@Anna_Ronkainen Are you seeing this again?

Maybe it’s due to the return of the fence…

I wouldn’t take any bets on that, but we hope.
I thought the next update is World’s course, even if real life got cancelled.