Game Update 1.63 [April 2024]

I think I got into that. I was on someone’s wheel the other day and suddenly I was in this pack of four Germans. I don’t know if they have zip codes

It only shows on your first ride of the week now and it auto dismisses it after 15 seconds (it think it is 15) so if you aren’t paying attention after a ride you might miss it.

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@shooj: Just making sure you saw this. Thanks for all you do. [quote=“Frank, post:38, topic:628634, full:true, username:Frank_Aster”]
Curious: is it a known thing that with Camera 8, my avatar has a shadow but the others do not?

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Darn it! Why, oh why did you have to say that?
Now it’s all I can see!
:joy: :rofl:

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Yep. Sounds like it. I’ve downloaded 1.63, and the automatic steering towards “default” position is fixed now.

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I know, right? I’ve been looking at them for months and suddenly a couple of days ago there they were sitting backward! That’s why I thought it might have something to do with the update.

I can’t see the new routes as being available yet in the event organisers web portal.

Can you check they have been released?

The last couple of rides i’ve done the camera position is really zoomed in (I use third person view), i have had this before when changing kit or something but i haven’t changed anything recently.

Going to the pairing screen and unpairing then re-pairing my play controllers fixed it.

I also asked this further up in this thread (here) … Currently, the routes that are missing from the event portal can be requested - but we can’t select them ourselves :man_shrugging: It’s a bit crazy/frustrating (for us and for zwift support staff) that the routes are not there for us to self select.

Fingers crossed they get added soon :crossed_fingers:

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yep same was hoping to do one of them tomorrow. I’ll submit event request later if needed but would save mine and the events team time if we could self manage them.


that’s was highlighted as an issue before. it’s quite annoying but not sure if it’s actually being tracked as a bug to fix @shooj ?

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it only happened in the last couple of days so probably not related to this update.

I’ve seen it last week right after the update. from very limited tested it seems to trigger more so after you fan view riders.

I don’t think i’ve done anything differently although i have been running (well walking!) on zwift so not sure if going from running to riding might do it?

fan viewing a few riders will do it, changing bikes can do it, it’s so annoying.

@Jon_Wakefield and @Gordon_Rhino-Racing

Please PM me a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the event portal so I can pass it along to the right team for investigation.

Not sure if related but Ive not been able to publish a club ride using the zwift epic route either.
Keep getting this error.