Game Update 1.63 [April 2024]

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Have you guys made a change to the holo replay avatars for this update, or have I just noticed they look like they’re sitting on the bike backwards?

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Hi @KidneyZwifter

By any chance, do you have a screenshot of the backward-facing Holo saved in your Activity feed? Would like to see what you’re seeing. If not - would you see if you can reproduce on your next ride and manually capture an image with the camera icon in the Action Bar (across the bottom of screen)? Here’s how.

They will be available once the update is out for you. It may take a few days so the update hits all people though since it’s a phased release.

Hi Shuji. I’ll try to get one for you tomorrow. Thanks.

Hi Shuji. I’ll try to get one for you tomorrow.

The braking sensivity slider only shows up after I click the Controls Tab once and go back to Preferences.

Thanks for reporting - this is a known issue and will be fixed in the next game update, version 1.64.


I noticed the steering controller aggressively steering me back toward “default” position after about 3-5 seconds recently. Is this what is meant to be fixed above or is my more recent steering experience intended?

Just not clear what is being fixed, but I prefer that avatar stays in lane I steer to until I move otherwise, excepting pack effects. Thanks!

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Can you double check the status of that @shooj … I can’t see the 2024 Epic Route (or other routes, like Loop de Loop) in the route selection list in the event portal…. Hopefully that switch will be flicked again soon! :grinning:

After they add wheelies.


For myself it’s time to say thanks you to the team of Zwift. Always finding new routes, keeping it interesting, coming back to you straight away once you have a problem and working hard in order to solve them.


Curious: is it a known thing that with Camera 8, my avatar has a shadow but the others do not?

They already have them:

To access it you have to climb over 1000m on Alpe du Zwift before you get to use the function. :wink:


Is there are new cycling achievement badge? (Not a route badge)

Yes. The Party On badge, when someone wearing confetti socks gives you a ride on.
If you ride with a popular pace partner you’ll get it in no time.

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Definitely. Much agreed that thanks are in order.

@Shuji, here are a couple of screengrabs of the Holo Replay. It’s really an optical illusion - the avatar is sitting properly, but to me it looks like it’s facing backward. It’s to do with the opacity of the avatar.

Look at it for a few seconds and it turns inside out. It’s one of those “once you see it, you can’t unsee it” things.

We should have local ride meetups by zip code…anyone agree?

What happened to the page at the end of the ride that told you how many XP to the next level?

Did you kill that?