Game Update 1.51 [October 2023]

Same here, wondering when the update will happen. Nothing yet (on MacOS).

Haha. Want me to try?

Edit: Of course I had to try :wink: But I think they don’t even show up in the list of riders to join - not in the list of “following” riders in Companion either (I looked for someone to fan view). Which may or may not what you expected…

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For zwift, after all, graphics and flowers are more important than training. Who approved or thought of this upgrade?

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I use a PC and used the FTP slider to adjust workout intensity once I chose my workout for the day. That flexibility is now gone. Was there a gain in Zwift function found by eliminating the slider?


Everyone please note that 1.51 is 100% released to all OS platforms.


I’m not personally a fan of the new road and grass textures. They look weird, too simulated. Roads aren’t that smooth IRL. I do like being able to see farther into the distance, though.
Maybe it’s just me being used to the old stuff for so long. :man_shrugging:


Correction, the OP lists a 4090. It’s one of the best consumer cards on the market, I think it is a fair comment. As graphically intense as Zwift may be in some areas, there are many other AAA games more demanding the Zwift.

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video setting on 1080p is blurry. now i must to go on 2k or 4k. but i use 1080p resolution desktop resolution.

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This was new to me (1.51 on Windows):

This happened after switching the HUD back on after having it off for 15+ mins, the missing names eventually populated after a minute or two.

And got some black squares as well, but they always disappeared after a fraction of a second.

So just in time to mess up zrl, wtrl, drs and maybe zwift GP?

Some riders have the update others don’t… making an uneven playing field

Why even have a phased rollout?
Is it just your systems can handle the download request?

Can you tell me when video is available for Android? Now only is taking a picture available.

I updated iOS apps this morning and zwift would no longer recognize my Trek heart rate monitor. I previously was using AppleTV and pairing through the companion app on my iPhone. It worked Thursday morning, but not today (Friday).

Just did Sugar Cookie and the new roads look great. A big thank you to Zwift for finally expanding Watopia instead of adding yet another world you can only access a couple of days a month without resorting to a frustrating workaround. Keep it up!

I suspect once I tick off all of the badges I’ll never ride any of the routes again. Not a fan of slogging through the jungle (too bad - the jungle looks beautiful) so will probably start Accelerate to Elevate and do a manual u-turn when the asphalt runs out whenever I feel like a flat route.


I suggest testing it with the Trek Central app to see if the HRM is still good. Make sure it’s not paired to anything else.

Sugar Cookie has only a few kilometers of dirt, but nevertheless I swapped to a mountain bike to make it fly by quicker. Since most of that part is downhill you can go quite fast.

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Pro Tip: gravel bike with the new gravel wheels is faster on dirt than the MTB


If you’re talking about the recent Crr change, that only applies to gravel which means Scotland. No change on dirt in this update.

I know, since the new gravel wheels were released they have been faster on dirt… been a while since they were introduced

According to the tester of things, they are pretty close on dirt but MTB is still a little faster. Not a big difference. I regularly ride a gravel bike in the jungle as well. Either one is a huge win over any road bike.

So the dirt is where these wheels really shine. Pair them with a faster gravel bike like the Canyon Grail and you’ve got a rig that’s a few seconds faster than any mountain bike on a lap of the Jungle Circuit.

Unfortunately for Eric, it is hard to keep all these articles updated as Zwift keeps changing things

has he tested the MTB vs the Gravel bikes yet with the new Crr values? The MTB is heavier so the gravel might still have the advantage in the Jungle with the long climb.