Game Update 1.51 [October 2023]

I seem to be getting a lot of screen lag on Apple TV after last update. Nothing else had changed and ATV software is up to date. No internet changes. Just really lagging on screen then it will go back to normal and then lags again. Thanks

I don’t know about the ‘copy’ piece, but are you not able to change your FTP by dragging the slider on the right side of the workout detail up or down?

Negative, but the rollout is increasing to additional Windows users today and is scheduled to be completed by Friday pending no unforeseen circumstances.

Correct :+1:

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So its random and the same users get to see the new content?

It’s a random selection applied to each device type, up to a certain percentage of the total for that device. It is not associated with your account or geolocation. For example if you have two Windows machines and log into the same account on both, you may get the update on one but not the other.


that good to hear

The slider adjustment for FTP changes looks to have been taken away on the latest update, at least on AppleTV. Now the only way to change your FTP for workouts is via My Profile on the top right corner of the home page.

I think I’m kinda happy about that, rarely change my FTP but so many times I’ve accidentally changed it with the slider, which is a huge pain to correct with the AppleTV remote.

And yes, I get the same, no ability on AppleTV to copy a workout.

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The subtle graphics update is really nice.
Colours seem a bit brighter, road look a bit different and on the hills you can see much further into the distance.

Great touch…why is it not mentioned in the update though??


Just dropping in to have another gripe about phased release being really poor customer experience.

I understand why you do it but it really sucks to have to wait for new features and fixes at every release.

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Because they want to leave things for Zwift Insider to talk about. :slight_smile:

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I updated today, and noticed two things.

One is there was a visual glitch on Innsbruckring where some background mountains were consistently jiggling. It was somewhat funny, a bit distracting, but pretty visible, and it was the first time I’ve noticed it. I took a video to show it, but I guess there’s no video upload to here, and I don’t use a video service so I don’t think I can share it here at the moment. If Zwift staff wants to see it, let me know and I can figure something out.

I also noticed that the animation when getting a second power up (going through a power-up gate while you’re already using a power up) did not show up for me today. The power up eventually shows up, but I didn’t see the animation where you see the small circle cycling between the various power ups. The animation works fine in general for getting a single power-up just not when you’re in the middle of using one and then getting a second. Maybe it was just an issue with this race, will see if that issue persists tomorrow.

I’m on iPad Pro.

I noticed the Innsbruck background mountains glitch a couple of weeks ago, seemed like there was a snow line that kept getting drawn and removed a few times per second. I rarely ride there so it may have been around for a while.
That’s on a PC with 12th gen i3 and a GTX1660 Super.

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So far so good. The visuals of the new roads are great.

However, I wish there was a way to turn off “camera shake”. It’s not much of a problem on smaller screens, but if you’re using a 40+ inch TV as a display, the constant shaking on certain road surfaces starts to enter “barf-o-rama” (motion sickness) territory when looking at the TV. Especially now on the new roads, there’s a quite lengthy stone road surface where this quickly becomes uncomfortable to look at.


Is it normal and expected that it now takes 10-15secs to load up most of the graphical artefacts when entering a world. For example; spawn to Temple Trek and the trees and purple flowers don’t appear for 10-15secs. This seems to be the case for quite a lot of visuals as you then ride; they appear late so often just ‘pop up’ rather than coming into view in the distance.

Seems like they temporarily cache since if you end ride and then re-spawn in the same spot the artefacts are immediate; but the cache seems to clear when the App restarts as next time it starts over……

Mainly running on PC i7-13700K and 3060Ti, 32GB RAM on solid 1GB Fibre wired connection; should be pretty bullet proof. Screen shots attached from iPhone where it does the same.

I’ve seen exactly the same phenomenon (on macOS) at the same location

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I don´t like the new workout detail screen. You can not see how long a block (intervall) is and how much power.


What time Friday? I still haven’t had the option to get the update. Wanted to ride some new roads today :cry:


I also noticed this yesterday @Jurgen_Zimmermann, when I received the update.
*The workaround for now is to select workouts while already riding in game - from the option menu - this is still in the previous style where you can hover over each interval block.

Some Feedback on the new workout screen: (for you to pass to the relevant team @shooj)
I do like the clean look on the new screen, but a few of the following tweaks would be nice:

  • Hover over detail: Allow the user to hover over the interval block to see duration and power details… this was possible in the previous style

  • Inclusion of ‘Sp’ on the workout card: Please can the ‘Sp’ value be included on the workout card (before you click on a workout, taking you to the new screen), so that it also give the option to glance at workouts by Sp values. This can be shown alongside the duration and difficulty rating.

Thanks :+1:


I am normally in the ‘Friday batch’ Alice but I did get mine yesterday evening.
If you are in the Friday allocation it is normally always there in my experience by 5-6pm UK time latest.

Hope it comes through for you soon.

I wonder what happens if you teleport to someone who you know has the update and is on the new roads :thinking: … I think I know the answer, probably worth just waiting :rofl: