Game Update 1.43 [June 2023]

Stupid question… I noticed the tile for the challenge last night, but rather started warming up for TTT, thinking I’ll join the challenge later. Got the update this morning - and now I do not see the tile for the challenge?! Not there on iPad or Mac. Same for everybody else? Will it be re-activated?
Did not have trainer connected to Zwift, just wanted to quickly pop in and join the challenge, but cannot assume that this would have made a difference.

Hi - which challenge are you talking about?

Everyone please update to v1.43 at your earliest convenience.


I was hoping in the new update to have the snap video feature in Apple TV… any update?? Thx!

Android and iOS:

  • Fixed an issue where the Leaderboard and Zwifters Nearby lists could not be hidden by swiping to the side.

While warming up for an event last night doing a freeride, I tested this and could indeed swipe away the Leaderboard and Zwifters Nearby lists. Thanks for restoring this capability. But once I was in the TTT event, I could not swipe away the lists. Perhaps this feature was restored when freeriding but not in an event? Running Zwift on iOS, iPhone 12.

See the following. It’s a gradual rollout and even then only to the two most recent models of ATV:

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Sorry, that may have not been my most accurate description of the day! The portal climb challenge. I still see all the others of the month. (Tourmalet, WTF and ZRacing Beach Party)
But the tile for the portal climb challenge is gone.

Not sure this is going to the right person but, once the last update hit I lost my ability to do a U-turn on my Apple TV screen menu and on my apple phone. Any ideas on how I fix that? Also the coffee break button finally showed on the menu bar but, it is also not lite up and can’t be used.? Thank you

Hi, @evan-zwift. Yes, I’m pretty sure that was one of the first things when I initially encountered the problem after updating to Zwift 1.43 and updating the Play controllers’ firmware to 1.1.0. However, just to make sure I just did it again…completely turned off the BT radio on the iPhone, power cycled the iPhone, then re-enabled BT. Behavior is exactly the same.

I did figure out another way to dependably pair the Plays, although in effect it’s not a whole lot different than what I described in my prior post:

  1. Turn the Plays on at the initial log-on pairing screen, as normal. The Play’s LEDs go solid blue, indicating successful pairing w/ZCA, however the paired haptic feedback doesn’t occur, the BT indicator on ZCA remains orange, and the Zwift pairing on-screen indication hangs either on “Pairing” or on “Connected” but with no battery level indication.

  2. Select “Let’s Go”, which brings me to the main Zwift landing page.

  3. Cycle the power on the Play controllers. Once they’re turned back on they successfully and fully pair.

Issue is effectively the same, though: they won’t successfully pair from the initial startup pairing screen, other than maybe once in ~15 tries, and seemingly at random.

Yes, I’m seeing odd behaviour particularly of the Right Play controller.
Win10, latest, Android 10 running the companion, direct BT pairing with Win10.

Both Play LEDs blue, right controller would not register A in the menus, then found workout bias could only decrement and not increase. Thinking about it, that is consistent with the Right controller not working.

I had two Zwift full lockups before starting (Win10 'stopped responding ', logged to MS), so suspect the Right controller may have lost connection - despite the initial pairing screen showing both Play devices.

The steering worked for 3x Repack (sadly, binary controls not proportional), then the workout was a bit poor and forced me to breakout a keyboard mid-ride.

Beta for a reason! :grinning:

Climb Portal is available to everyone as of ~30 minutes ago.

Note that you must be on Zwift v 1.43 - mobile OSs may not auto-update. If you’re on iOS / Apple TV / Android - please check your app store and manually update if necessary.

If you’ve had Zwift app running before we flipped the switch on the server - try logging out of Zwift, and logging back in. You should see the Climb Portal Challenge tile across the top of the home page.


@Brigitte_WEEK Could you please share a photo or screenshot of what you see in the blue Action Bar? That will help us better understand the issue. This is an example of what I see on my Apple TV:

There are some rules on when you can and cannot use Coffee Stop, which you can learn more about in the Coffee Stop FAQ; I think this is probably the relevant information:

You can take one 30-second Coffee Stop in the first 5 minutes of your ride, and one 3-minute Coffee Stop every 30 minutes during the rest of your ride.

@evan-zwift, one more issue with the pairing I just ran into: I just did my first Zwift ride using the controllers since the 1.43 & 1.1.0 updates (I didn’t use them in the last couple days since the updates because of the startup pairing issue). After using one of my prior-described methods to pair the Plays everything seemed 100% and the controllers were working seemingly perfectly. However in the first 15 minutes of my ride the right controller lost its pairing twice. The first time I was able to go into the pairing screen mid-ride and successfully re-pair the controller, the second time (just a few minutes later) I gave up and turned them off.

I hadn’t experience any pairing drops at all under Zwift 1.42 with the initial Play firmware v1.0.0, and there have been no changes to my Zwift hardware or software setup, other than the Play firmware and Zwift app updates. I also didn’t experience any other BT channel dropouts during the ride…the left Play, my KICKR (power, controllable, & cadence), and my TICKR-X connections, all of which were being bridged to my ATV vie ZCA on my iPhone, all stayed solid throughout the ride, and the iPhone was sitting on a riding stand next to me. I also live alone out in the country, acres away from any neighbors, so the likelihood of random interference is low…there isn’t even cell service from any carrier out here!


Yes. I’ve been having ZCA app and Zwift Play problems for a while. Posted numerous times here but none from zwift seems interested.

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For the second time Zwift freezes in my iPhone (the Companion app shows that it keeps getting power, cadence, HR and I keep getting the km in). I’m connected to a TV via lightning cable with an HDMI adapter from Apple.
Happen yesterday and again today (during this ride around 4 km - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App )

I’m using:
iPhone 11 Pro
iOS 16.5.1
Zwift version 1.43.0

Good to know that I will be able to drink my coffe without any concern!

since this update clicking on the screen used to bring up the menu button on the bottom left, this no longer happens on windows nor android and i have to press the esc key on windows, whilst on android i need to swipe up to get this menu, why was this changed?

What I noticed on macOS is if I click on the screen where the action bar lives, I get the action bar. If I click on the screen where the menu button lives, I get the menu button. Definitely confusing since there’s nothing to let you know where to position the pointer. Do you get the same behavior?

i’ll have to try that later on with the pc