Game Update 1.41 [May 2023]

Thanks for this.

I assume it goes for pasting the save ride title as well.

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We see additions quite often just they are never listed in the release notes.

I think that tends to be instigated from manufacturers wanting their products featuring.

What sort of non-race competitive events do you envision will be served without coffee? Tour of Watopia?

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I think it’s just races Paul.

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Leaderboard HoloReplays are now enabled for everyone on game version 1.41. Remember, this is a phased rollout, so not everyone will see them right away. As the version becomes available, you’ll be able to see HoloReplays from the leaderboards.

To see all the information about the new version of HoloReplay and to leave your feedback, head to the thread: Introducing Leaderboard HoloReplays [May/June 2023]

Do any of these fixes indirectly solve the hard crash on filtering event results? Or hard crash on reaching a finish line?

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Matt do a favour and link to those posts. I’ll get someone to have a look if it hasn’t happened already.

I don’t know if there was a report here about it. During the Chasing Race tour, we had a number of people who suffered a crash at the finish line and traced it back to people who filtered to A or B on the results. It was just a straight crash with the last portion of the ride missing from strava but captured on zwift power / live. So … timing wise on the last version. Definitely PC version (not sure if atv or not).

In this event you can see a number of people were impacted, (green power icon showing the live data only results ZwiftPower - Login ) because the fit file was incomplete.

To replicate. Ride an event. Finish it and hit “B” on the results.

We also had some odd (not connection-related) behavior on the finish lines. 1-2 instances of people seeing a portion of the pack disappear at a banner and others seeing a full crash. The tour used custom finish lines in a lot of cases. (I wasn’t impacted by those first hand so no about it).

Thanks Matt - I don’t think there is a generic finish line issue (there may have been on that event) but we can definitely have a look at the filtering.

Just editing to add that whilst I don’t see everything in here (almost, not quite) this is the first I’ve seen of this.

Also what route was this?

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@James_Zwift @Matt_Wheeler

James - the post you are looking for is this one and I believe that has been solved :+1:

Cheers Jon. @Matt_Wheeler please let me know if you see any more instances of this with the current version.

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Climbers Gambit was the main one but it happened on a couple. I’ll open a bug if it repeats.

During the Chasing Race tour, we had a number of people who suffered a crash at the finish line
Sounds like you are reporting crashed experienced by other people, not by you personally, is that correct?

Zwifters running the game on iOS / Apple TV / Android may not update the app automatically. This is especially true if they leave Zwift running in the background instead of force-closing after each session.

Please ask them if they’re on a mobile OS, and if that’s the case - remind them to visit the Google Play / Apple App stores and manually update the Zwift app if an update is available.

Currently got black blocks riding with Maria on the flat route - no dust,

It’s quite annoying tbf

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It was me + others, but as the comments above show, it should be resolved by the version before this. I’ll comment on the event discord so people can double-check the update.

Have you updated to 1.41?

Don’t know… but I’m not on dust

Black squares are an issue in 1.40 that should be fixed in 1.41

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