Game Update 1.40 [May 2023]

Joining the bot rides accurately is now a crapshoot on ATV and remaining with a ride also troublesome as the app will periodically wrong turn riders.


@James_Zwift and @shooj like to comment on the so called fix of joining an RP???

(See the ignored from me yesterday)

Although it was initially said to be fixed in 1.40, subsequently it was said to be improved in 1.40 and a further fix would be coming in 1.41.

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I’ve already mentioned (exactly what Steve said below) before.

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If you say so, but that does not change my feelings as I at first was not believed by Zwift about the issue in 1.39. Only after several others started to back me up it was finally flaged by you.
After a while you guys tell us it is fixed in 1.40 (which update was set on hold for a few days) it finaly got through this weekend. And only after new reports you guys came to the conclusion you did not fix anything about this issue at all.

Because how this is handeled I have stopped my account and will have to wait and see if I have enough trust in Zwift to ride with you guys this winter. The next few months (after my time is up) I definately will not ride on Zwift because of the huge amount of bugs that is ruining my rides.

Enjoy your Summer.


Apple TV is throttled on Zwift to 30 FPS, which has been the case for at least 2 years. I used Wahoo RGT on Apple TV this last winter and the graphics are much better. I get rider shadows, and generally see 50-60 FPS. Apple TV isn’t going to be in the same class as a 1000 Watt GPU, but it can be improved from where it’s at.

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Here are a few bugs. I’m running Windows 11, Bluetooth connection from PC to a Wahoo Kickr Bike and heart rate monitor.

Bugs new to version 1.40:
Steering is connected and enabled, but my avatar doesn’t actually move around when I press the steering buttons on the Kickr Bike. The auto draft placement is also bad. Many times, but not always, I am placed on the far right side of the road, outside of the group and draft. So that’s a big problem in races. I disabled steering, and the auto draft placement was working normally.

Bugs new to version 1.39 that I still notice:
I use full screen mode for Zwift, and I am no longer able to switch to another window like Spotify or anything else. Zwift just stays focused at all times.

Critical power graph in the ride summary no longer shows the vertical line and data points.

Supertuck - I think the effect was disabled in races, but other avatars (not my own) still appear to be in supertuck.

Bugs from months ago, not sure which version:
There are many downhill sections in different worlds where my avatar will stop pedaling for a few seconds even though I’m still pedaling.

After I finish an event, then join a pace partner, sometimes my avatar will not pedal visually, even though I’m moving at a normal speed with everyone. This continues for the duration of the whole ride.

I have switched back to Bluetooth instead of Ant+, because after a certain Zwift update that I can’t remember the version of, I started getting Ant+ dropouts for about 1 second of 0 watts, but then back to normal watts. This happens consistently at least once every couple rides or up to two or three times in a single ride (my rides are usually 90 minutes). I never had this issue before that update, so I’m just assuming that Zwift update started the problem.

if you are drafting you shouldn’t be able to supertuck, if at the front of the pack you should be able to still.

We know about this, I think the fix is in 1.42

This is expected behaviour when you are not solo

Can you try windowed at full size to see if you have the same issue? (That’s how I run mine)

I use full screen and nothing has changed for me but then I’m running multiple displays too.

Interesting! I’ll look for that.

Or use the program borderless gaming and have fullscreen with task bar.

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Since update, getting the dreadrd “no signal” issue when connecting to my direto. Can’t comment on other bugs… Since can’t ride now.

@Jonny_P1 @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ
The copy paste issue has been fixed in game version 1.41, which is rolling out over the next couple of days across all OS platforms. Please update when it is available to you.

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Few new Issues identified in 1.4 Note: I am not sure if this mentioned (its a long thread)

“Fixed an issue where Kickr Bike steering could not be disabled” - I can confirm i see this fixed but i am seeing a few new issues as a result.

#1 I am still being forced out the pack to the right on group rides (randomly), But a new development, i do rejoin the if you turn to the left. Ie am out the draft (On the right) for a section of time till the rod turns left then i rejoin

#2 If i use the Coffee Stop then the Kickr Bike Steering stops working (Yes it one but its break again if you use Coffee Stop)

Super long thread, not sure if anyone has had this issue.

I use Apple TV 4K for zwift, it updated tonight prior to doing the purple unicorn workout onto the latest level.
At the end of the workout I did a few more mins of freeride to carry on spinning the legs, but for some reason it doesn’t appear to have saved the activity but the xp is at the post session level.

Anyone else had non saves?

Did you check that you didn’t have the Zwift game on another device


Zwift was only open on Atv with the latest version of the companion open on an iPad Pro