Game Update 1.33 [January 2023]

Same as this:

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Hi Will!
Thanks for reaching out, I very much appreciate it.
Here is one of the threads:
I know there have been other comments on threads that are iPad specific where Android Tab users made some comments on there as well.

Is ATV still on TvOS 16.2 (from Dec '22)?

I don’t have mine set for automatic updates and I’m not as diligent as I should be at checking :wink: :blush:

Hello all, what Zwift is doing with this new version? I ride with D. Maria and the pacer disapear twice during riding, drop counter is not working, distance with robot pacer have difficulties to stay consistant, I was a 3M fro D.Maria and half second later, I was in 45m from the pace partner. When they will roll back with the previous version?

They won’t roll back but bug fixes are on route.

Priority will be to fix the ERG/SIM mode issues which will probably roll out within the next 48 hours.

After that some of the less important issues will be resolved.

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The latest tvOS is 16.3, which came out very recently.

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Update yesterday same time as zwift updates something was bound to go wrong

I don’t often run the Zwift Android app on my Poco F3 (Android 12 with MIUI 13), so I don’t know if this issue is new to 1.33…

Bluetooth pairing to my Saris H3 wouldn’t stay paired in a Tour De Zwift ride earlier today, losing pairing within seconds, each time I went to pairing screen and back to ride.

I then restarted the app and pairings were fine for ~6mins of an ERG workout.

Without restarting app, I then used the late join option to get back to the TDZ ride and the H3 pairing was lost after ~8mins.

Exited app, started up app on my Mi A2 and ANT+ then worked without issues with another late join to the same ride.

Euros, still not working today - what a bunch of… :roll_eyes:

shameful really. Core features removed for holloreplay rubbish

I’ve looked up this morning how to run a workout off my garmin.

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Fortunately I’ve got a Xert account so I’ve used that for the workouts … apparently there’s a fix coming in the near future :rofl:

Using ATV and iPhone and the workout section in the Companion App is no longer showing what you’re doing or your zones. Yes all items have been updated.

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Shameful they leave it to Zwift forum admins to apologise for the constant bugs introduced with updates. Senior management need to investigate why this happens time and time again and we need a statement from the founders. Goodwill is finite.


You will need to contact support to make the change.


Have an issue with WIN 10 and ANT+ Elite Realtour trainer. The trainer is detected but the power is stuck to 0 with this zwift update. It is not a ANT driver problem as the elite native application still works.

@shooj - The latest update broke our connections between Zwift and Strava. I had to go back into my Zwift account and link to my Strava account again. I am hoping it will sync the next ride. Same thing happened to multiple others I know of.

:thinking: my ride from yesterday uploaded to Strava just fine… no issues here…

I’m not sure how the update would break the Strava link given you link them away from the game.


This happened to me, in the Friday before the update dropped (20th Jan), so Zwift server side or Strava issue ?

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