Game Update 1.33 [January 2023]

Zwift did not require a Launcher update for sometime only the game. This time Zwift forced the launcher update.


I have mine set to just the best one but i was getting the best and the most recent on some sprints this morning, others it would just be the best - i haven’t changed anything since the update and settings still only have Best ticked.

Very gentle force in that case, I just clicked on Cancel and the game started normally…

(No major issues here except that I could only see my trainer via ANT+ (can’t remember that happening before), HRM was available also via BLE so the interface was still working, sort of anyway as it kept disconnecting every now and then.)

Hi everyone,
Since this update my Tacx Neobike Smart does not work anymore i mean that there is no more relation through ant+ signal between my bike and my PC.
Before this update all worked perfecly.
Best regards.
Sébastien :wink:

Hi Jeramie,
Thanks for kindly raising this :wink:
I’m a dev at Zwift, who (long ago) worked primarily on the Android version.
I vaguely recall the issue, but I don’t think we ever made a proper ticket for it.

I haven’t found the thread yet; if you have it handy could you link it ?

I’d love to resolve this for the Galaxy tablet community (which includes me!!)


I think it needs a bit of tidying up given I had 5 of them and 2 were incorrect. I’ll play around again once everything settles down around here.

Really want to see an option that lets me exclude event times.

And Zwift companion still doesn’t connect with iPhone 14

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I have noticed that on the ‘explore routes’ screen the distance for at least 1 route appears to show 2 laps - not sure when this appeared or if I am being daft and have missed something - see ‘Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop’ displays 37.9KM when a single lap is under 20KM

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So I just went to load up Zwift on my non Zwift laptop and it started update process then launched the Zwift app is usual way and allowed me “zwift” while it was still updating in the background?!?! This release :man_shrugging:

Anyway I was able to capture this in my old version 2 minutes ago:

And the new version is same as yours! Good spotting but what an odd thing to change/bug.


Have you tried syncing Custom Workouts from a Windows PC to your ATV? How about with multiple users on ATV? Total mess since the update last fall!

Yesterday’s event after the update for Ascenders Team Social Thursday D ride was a fiasco. Right out of the pens, the group were sent in 2 different directions with. The original route was Wandering Flats yet half the group were sent to Flatland Loop. Riders were saying their Trainer difficulty being messed up (mine reduced from 100% to 50%!) while some claimed they were pushing really hard but not moving with the group. Last but not least, dropouts were happening throughout the 90 minutes event…

Come on Zwift, its 2023 and with each update we hope for improvements but oft not we ended up having to type our grouses for things broken.

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Felt like the game and launcher updates are all done by separate project teams that does not speak with each other.
If that is the case, then it is unsurprising that the end products will subject us to twice the time to get a single program updated.

Not smooth Zwift really even if its getting us to have the latest launcher 1.1.5 to run.

Edit: Drops now are not accumulating during events. Not sure about Free rides or riding with Bots.


It’s the same when you install Zwift for the first time or reinstall it.

You download the small installer/launcher, install it with the windows install routine, and then the installer downloads the whole rest of the game.
The second part is done with every update.


I read this (Trainer Resistance | Trainer Difficulty too low, Simulation and ERG mode do not work [January 2023] - #213 by Charles_Bowles_VeloS) - I want to add to the issues list (and I think it’s somehow related): I can’t switch to BLE on my PC since my Kickr isn’t found at all. I never used BLE on a regular bases but it was working before (Kickr visible and selectable via BLE).

I “solved” the issue with switching to Apple TV 4k: Man I forgot how horrible it looks over there. I really support those people who wanted an improved Picture Profile for those devices. Honestly I can’t understand how someone would use Zwift with that piss poor quality or stay a paying costumer.


There will be a bugfix release tomorrow. Maybe that helps with the connection problem.

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I had the same behavour last year. But mostly it was my fault not to be patient enough. I cliked around while zwift was updating and somehow the window focus of the setup Routine got to the background and never came back.

Deinstall zwift, reboot and reinstall it. Hands away from keyboard for future updates. Should not happen, maybe one failsafe setup routine for launcher and game is better than the splitted two from today.

Ok, thanks for the explanation. This was after the sprint on Classique so there was no segment in play, just the route. If you look at the name of the holos, they’re all called “Classique” and there are 2 Prev ones.

Anyone report that A robo pacer Constance in watopia seems to drop out and not finish her route every time?

Hi Will,

Here’s one thread but there are many others: Distance to rider from behind not visible on some tablets [October 2022]

This affects all tablets including iPads so is both an iOS and Android ‘issue’/feature :wink:. That is what I recall some of the older threads had mentioned that it wasn’t supposed to be there for some reason.

I’d love to have this on my iPad too so if it’s possible to flag this internally that would be a big win from the failed attempts over the years!

There’s definitely a bug here…

Did the Alpe again this morning and got a new 2.08 seconds “unknown” PR again :thinking:

Not being a professional programmer…, it’s quite hard for me to see how they managed to introduce this ? :grin:


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