Game Update 1.33 [January 2023]

Sure thing. I’m signed up for Zwift Academy Run, so I’ll soon have more data.

I saw this today too.

I ran a Zwift Scotland event today and the same thing happened. Only 3k today, but in game my average HR splits were…

95, 105, 108
whereas my run summary in the companion app shows…
126, 131, 129.

The companion app summary is correct. The in game numbers are nonsense.

Which HRM are you using Tim. And how is it connected?

Today a Garmin HRM-PRO connected with ANT+, last time a Fourth Frontier X2 connected with Bluetooth.

Bear in mind that Zwift shows the correct HR at the top of the screen. It is only the lap averages that are wrong in game.

EDIT : Add HR graph from Zift activity recorded on laptop vs my Garmin watch…

Negligible difference. Zwift is seeing and recording HR correctly. It just can’t calculate the averages correctly for each split.

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The averages for me sometimes seem low compared to what my current HR is but I’m talking 1 or 2 out and given that it’s an average over a mile they’re probably about right.

I’ll do some closer analysis whilst running tomorrow.

1.33.3 has landed.


:+1: do we know what it fixes?

:+1: thanks

And again. Both of mine have been right after races (I’m counting TdZ as a race) and the first timed segment after finishing.

@shooj @James_Zwift

Hi Tim,

I can’t replicate the issue. Tried different apps, HRM etc.

I think you’ve a Gremlin somewhere. My only suggestion would be a clean install of Zwift.

Thanks for trying. Maybe 1.33.3 will fix it.

I’m not going to reinstall for something so trivial. It’s only cosmetic and does not affect my training since it’s clearly nonsense and only at the end of each km, by which time it’s too late to influence my effort.

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I love to see, that over the last two years some things the people wanted got fixed and changed. I just wanted to say that.

UPDATE March 1
Please note today’s 1.33.4 release is a minor patch that contains assets for the Tour of Watopia, which starts March 6. Please update Zwift before taking part in the Tour.


Erg mode not working after 1.33.4 update…

1.33.4 MacBook air & iPhone Software automatic shutdown

Zwift crash while logging, after updated to 1.33.4
Can anyone help to solve this problem?

likely related to this Crash at login for Chinese language users [1.33.4] [March 2023]

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